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  1. cool but real (not to be confused with really cool)

    January 11, 2010 by thelillinator

    vanities skull bead bracelets were the secondary feature in a recent saks email blast, so of course i had to click through to see them in more detail. i love the delicate and feminine fabrics that surround the skull bead, but check this, the bead is hand carved out of real bone! kind of creepy, right? at least that accounts for the $100+ price tag.

  2. today’s mailbag

    September 16, 2009 by thelillinator

    bluefly vampire fashionthis morning i woke and per the regular routine, instead of getting right up, i laid in bed for awhile going through my email while wishing i could go back to sleep. i found two emails particularly amusing.

    the first was from bluefly. i usually ignore their mails because they send like 3 a day, but they certainly had an intriguing subject line: VAMP it up! (+ new! hermes). I added those parenthesis because it is so disconnected from the primary feature of the email it felt like a poorly tacked on afterthought. poor hermes, bet they never thought they would play second fiddle to a fictional race/species/humanoid monster.

    clearly the fully capped VAMP meant more than just being plain ol’ sexy. bluefly meant sexy with blood!

    i’ve always been a fan of vampires, werewolves, witches, etc but this is taking the whole twilight saga/true blood/vampire diaries (all of which i’ve read. the books are all better) explosion of late a bit too far. what’s not too far? the blood orange tru blood drink! i so want to try that! a 24 pack is only $96+shipping.

    saks_THEORY_GWP1second was a saks gift with purchase announcement that could have been enticing, except trying to woo me to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes with a pair of tights is a lil underwhelming. beyond that, i am still trying to figure out why the photographer thought that pulling a pair of tights up so high as to ensure both a wedgie and camel toe was attractive.