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  1. i’m a slave for you

    April 6, 2012 by thelillinator

    recently refinery29 did an article on how offensive the term “slave bracelet” is. i had never heard the term before and i figured it was the new blood diamond or something to that effect. apparently it’s what you call one of those bracelet attached to a ring thingies. i’ve always loved the look of them but i never thought they were practical enough for me to wear. *pfft* how silly is that? anyways,  they pictured one of the most awesome slave bracelets i’ve ever seen! the three rings and larger cuff make it more of a…demi-glove (better term? meh.) which is an unusual spin on an already unique accessory. i still can’t imagine myself actually rocking this but it’s a reasonable enough price that maybe one day when i’m feeling particularly badass i’ll buy it (…and then have to wait for the next time i feel even more badass to actually wear it! :P)