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  1. oooh, pretty!

    November 23, 2009 by thelillinator

    purely paige has done it again! i loved her abstract silver necklace and she managed even to one up that with the silver crater, which is almost just like the abstract necklace, but with some pretty and sparkly. (i’ve put in a request to get a pair of silver crater earrings made. *fingers crossed*)

    purely paige silver crater necklace

  2. i need a new jewelry stand

    October 19, 2009 by thelillinator

    my oversized necklaces, oversized rings, and long dangly earrings have finally amassed to the point where i need more jewelry storage. they’re currently scattered about the top of my dresser, fairly well organized for the rings and necklaces (ah, dustbags, or whatever baby versions for jewelry are called) but my earrings are a tangled mess. paige, over at purely paige jewelry posted a link to a unique feather-quills-in-sand-filled-vase jewelry stand from pottery barn that reminded me that there are pretty ways to organize and display your jewelry. the stands exist for more than store displays alone! i don’t have that much room on my dresser for a stand and a wall mounted one isn’t an option because i’m short, my dresser’s tall, and straining to reach an accessory too early in the morning most likely means i just will go without.

    i’ve narrowed down my options to these, the key being a place to hang earrings, the best part being they’re all under $60. thoughts?

    i like the dishes that can hold rings or studs and the edges of the dishes can have earrings hang off of them

    i like the dishes that can hold rings or studs and the edges of the dishes can have earrings hang off of them

    the most promising choices are from urban outfitters:

    urban outfitters spinning bird jewelry stand

    comes in white as well, but i am really digging the blue

    again, nice to have the flat space but this one doesn't spin

    flat space is a good thing but this one doesn't spin

  3. oooh, sparkly

    September 8, 2009 by thelillinator

    trolling through my email and facebook and wanted to highlight a few things.

    purely paige Custom Earringsmy friend paige, of purely paige, made me these earrings. i got them just in time to wear them out for a birthday party this past weekend and i was psyched! i mean, really, how pretty are they? and for hand crafted, customized jewelry, they didn’t break the bank.

    go! look at what she’s already designed and bear in mind that she can customize anything she’s got posted up.

    free people azure top outfitsaw this in my inbox from free people. isn’t it cute? too bad it’s actually two pieces. the top floral piece is $88, which i don’t think is too bad, but then you add in the bottom sequined piece, which is another $68, and i’m wincing a little bit. unfortunately, i think the sequined layer is key to this look. otherwise it’s just plain, floaty, and bordering on unflattering. that’s not to say that i won’t get them, but free people is really leveraging all the $$$ they can out of us wanting our boho chic fix, huh?

    i read about monique lhuillier starting a more affordable line, bliss by monique lhuillier, this weekend. well thank god. if i ever get my ass married i have a shot at a beautiful wedding dress without spending more than half of my as-of-yet-undetermined wedding budget on it. (The Boyfriend, please don’t freak out.)

    madonna-for-louis-vuitton-fall-winter-2009-468x303i haven’t been so excited for a louis vuitton bag since takashi murakami collaborated with louis on the cherry blossom and multicolore patterns. you may have seen the sequined monogram pochette held by madonna. when i saw it last month i immediately went to lv and found out it is…$1,390!!! the regular monogram pochette is somewhere around $300. the sequined monogram mini-pochette is still $945!!! yeah…i don’t know…momma wants but momma could get so many more things for $1,000. *tear* (for the curious, the closest i got to the murakami bags was a multicolore cell phone wristlet and a fake cherry blossom papillon. not my proudest moment, getting a fake off ebay, but i never wore it out and eventually got rid of it. i wonder if they’re more or less expensive now that they would all be used but vintage. hmmm…)