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  1. bike accessories!

    September 25, 2011 by thelillinator

    so this summer i got a bike, a public bike to be exact. they’re cute and european inspired. mine’s baby blue and has the step thru frame so i don’t flash folks getting on and off of it if i’m wearing a skirt (instead i just battle the wind to keep my skirt down as i ride). of course what happens as soon as i get my bike? i start getting accessories! my helmet is pink (there was a shiny sparkly one too but it had an 8 ball logo on it and i liked the plain matte pink better) and i have a rack on the back to carry stuff. what stuff, you ask? by stuff i mean my dogs…well, just ruffus. pj is too high strung to hang out in it. ruffus didn’t really like hanging out in the basket on the back of my bike but he didn’t immediately try to abandon bike. also, the basket isn’t terribly secure at the moment, so if i do take him on my bike, i just push it around. kind of defeats the purpose of the bike. well, i was pleasantly surprised by an email from public today that touted the new bike accessories that they are offering. lo and behold, they have a dedicated doggie bike basket! i’m in LOVE! i will be heading over to their store soon to make sure at least one of my dogs can fit in it. seriously, how cute is this?!

    in other useful bike mount accessories, here’s a great way to keep your phone handy! i have alternated between keeping my phone in a pocket and sticking it in my bike basket. this is a HUGE improvement. congrats, public, you just got 200 of my dollars. is it too much to have a rear bike basket, a handlebar dog basket, AND an iphone mount all at the same time? will there even be room for me left on it once i’m done tricking it out?