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  1. out of control swimwear

    March 7, 2010 by thelillinator

    i am not entirely sure what happened in the few years since i last bought a swimsuit but, wow, they got expensive! (or perhaps my taste has gotten better?) each swimsuit that i’ve liked is around $100 for each piece! even i am having a hard time justifying spending $200 on less than a half a yard of cloth that i will wear only a few times. we’ll see. i won’t be heading to florida for a few months yet so hopefully one of these options will go on sale and still be in stock by the time july rolls around.

    my love of ruffles is translated in swimwear to skirt like bottoms. i definitely prefer the fuller coverage of a skirt-like/boy short bottom, which seems to be often paired with a fuller coverage top as well. i am not as fond of the bandeau cut for a top, but i like these bottoms too much to mind the more obvious tan line the bandeau will create. i think it’s hard to tell here, but the middle picture of marc by marc jacobs’ 2010 resort collection belleville bikini has a skull eyelet pattern embroidered into it. so. me. *swoon*

    this bikini by undrest (excited they do swimwear as well as lingerie!) appeals to my latent athletic side. aside from the cleaner silhouette of it, i can’t quite place why i keep thinking beach volleyball but i do. the contrasting trim, though, seems to be a nod to the brand’s underwear roots, which may be why i also find this bikini cheeky and feminine at the same time.

    does anyone have suggestions for suits in either of these veins that won’t cost more than a pair of designer jeans?

  2. birthday loot

    November 28, 2009 by thelillinator

    my birthday was on wednesday. i was informed that i’ve now outlived kurt cobain. i guess since i didn’t shoot myself before i turned 28, i earned a few things. some of the highlights include:


    the marc by marc jacobs petal to the metal sasha bag courtesy of The Boyfriend (love it. using it now. it is awesome.)

    accoutrements pirate bandages

    skull and crossbone bandages from a coworker friend because apparently i haven’t fooled anyone into thinking i don’t have at thing for them. then again, when i first opened these up and finished squealing, i immediately said that i wanted to hurt myself so i could use the bandage. it never occurred to me that i could just put the bandage on without an injury. hm, i wonder what that says about me?

    edward cullen action figure

    an edward cullen action figure (which The Boyfriend has decreed cannot enter the house. edward will come keep me company at work instead) courtesy of my manager (who i learned is a mere 3 months older than me. i find this somewhat shocking). she is newly exposed to the twilight phenomenon. beyond my incessant rambling about the books, the movies, and robert pattinson, i got her to watch twilight on dvd in preparation for new moon in the theater. maybe she’s just humoring me, but i’ll take it. the more the merrier on the dark side, i say.

  3. angel/devil

    September 28, 2009 by thelillinator

    elizabeth and james button up and back shirt

    on my day off i was a good girl. i vacuumed, folded laundry, and went for a run.

    on my day off i was a bad girl. i went to neiman marcus to spend my $50 gift card and instead of being sensible and buying some cosmetics for about $50, i spent a couple hundred (after the gift card…i know…doh!) and bought an awesome elizabeth and james plaid button up (similar to the picture, but with long sleeves). the buttons that run up and down the back let you completely customize the fit of the shirt. ingenious! i did balk a bit at the price, but considering how much i can fiddle with the fit of it, i figure it will last me throughout the years. i mean, what fall has come and gone that plaid hasn’t figured into? i also fell in love with this la rok blazer; it’s called the gothic princess. i must have it! the ruching on the three quarter sleeves is a nice touch (and i think a longer lasting alternative to the cuffed boyfriend blazer) and there’s some elastane in the fabrication so it’s a bit stretchy, which can be nice in a blazer, since they can often be a bit stiff and not allow a ton of movement (or maybe that’s just on me). unfortunately, the tulle is not detachable so my longevity rationalization is kind of thrown out the window on this piece.

    larok gothic princess jacketby the way, did you know neiman marcus brick and mortars don’t take visa or mastercard? apparently visa’s not everywhere i want to be and something mastercard priceless something. supposedly this policy is in place for customers’ security. i think it’s because they want to make my life difficult. cash, check, neiman marcus card, or american express. is it odd that i have to thank costco for having an american express card? neiman marcus further failed me by still not having the marc by marc petal to the metal sasha bag! thankfully nordstrom did! i went and tried it on. omg, i almost died. (you know, i kind of don’t care of that there’s the concept that neiman marcus is higher end, and therefore better, than nordstrom. nordy’s hasn’t failed me yet.) i hadn’t thought to bring my laptop case with me though so i’m not sure if the laptop will fit in there or not. i’m horrible at estimating measurements of space so while i think it looks like it’s big enough for my laptop, i’m probably quite wrong.

    hmmmm…with payday just around the corner, what should i get first? the blazer? the plenty by tracy reese coat from anthropologie? the bag? the frye matilda boots? oh, the choices!

  4. must. use. neiman marcus. gift card. now.

    September 24, 2009 by thelillinator


    for the neiman marcus opening in the bravern, the company was nice enough to send me a $50 gift card (i’m a lil afraid of how they found out how to target me). however, it expires at the end of the month and i’ve still not bought anything!!! i’m actually feeling a lil bit desperate. i’ve trolled through the site a bit and nothing’s really stood out to me other than that marc by marc jacobs petal to the metal sasha bag, which i didn’t see the last time i went to the actual store. i’m starting to lean towards just getting something in the cosmetics area so i can use the damn card. i definitely think that on the 30th (payday) i’ll be making a mad dash out to bellevue to see if maaaaaybe the bag is there and i can put the gift card towards something i actually want. (and you thought i was kidding when i said i had a problem…)

  5. oct 09 lucky mag

    September 6, 2009 by thelillinator

    i went through the october 2009 lucky magazine today. i have to say, i’m quite pleased to see the magazine in full fall mode. between the autumn/winter clothes i saw and the crazy-fall-is-just-around-the-corner fall weather in seattle today, i’m ready for mother nature to bring it!

    lucky fall 09 bag guideapologies for regurgitating a major media publication, but i really feel like i have to rave about a few things that i saw in this issue. first, the fall bag guide included a spread on foldover bags that have converted me to a fan. i’m especially fond of the grey suede lucky bag. is it just me or is it year after year grey suede=fall? living in seattle though, grey suede shoes haven’t really been an option since i don’t want to ruin my pretty new shoes right away. this might be a good solution otherwise!

    Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Petal-to-the-Metal-Sasha-Shoulder-Bagi may have been prepped though for this new found taste for foldover bags. a few weeks ago saks sent out a marc by marc jacobs fall preview email and once i clicked through it i found the petal to the metal sasha shoulder bag. to. die. for. i WILL be getting it this fall.

    so next is miss jenny kang’s “what i want now” page. this month she picked “soft hues and dreamy, abstract cuts [that] capture the twisted romance of the corpse bride”. i am all over this. after visiting london this past april and discovering all saints, who’s kind of grungy/steampunky/romantic vibe is awesome for typical london (and seattle) weather, but maybe not so appropriate as we were just getting into spring/summer, i’m happy to see more of the look now that it’s more season appropriate. featured in this editor’s picks page was an anzevino and florence silk cardigan and a deborah lindquist sweater dress. unfortunately i couldn’t find pictures of said items i’m in lust with on the credited sites ( and but go check out the sites, they’re both great. i actually was just reading a piece on’s iphone app about an opening ceremony…opening…in japan and the great party that came with it. definitely piqued my interest and seeing this cardigan that i hope shows up on site soon (heaven forbid it is ALREADY SOLD OUT) solidified my opinion on this site as a go to place in the future. hope they open a location in or near seattle soon.

    tough and girly, just like my puppy, pj

    apparently, deborah lindquist is a green designer and specializes in recycled vintage cashmere. at least from poking around her site, most everything seems to be tagged with this fabrication. not that it’s a bad thing at all. i love me some cashmere! i am all about the looks she has up on her site (although i do question if it’s the most recent collection posted. i hate it when designers don’t keep their sites up to date). perhaps a bit over the top though is a $112 cashmere dog sweater. but it is supercute and would be perfect for my super tiny black hole chihuahua mix, pj.

    seychelles fiddle ankle bootlast but not least, and i seriously don’t recall where i saw it in lucky, there was the seychelles fiddle ankle boot. when i saw it on the model, it reminded me of a horse hoof, but in the best way possible. i actually like how it bends the foot just so, in the way a hoof daintily comes off of a horse’s leg. we went to the udistrict today and happened to stroll into 5 doors up on the ave and they had this shoe in brown but not black (boo hiss). i really liked how the black boot was styled with a black tight or legging, it really helped keep that horse image alive for me. if i were a brown tights kind of girl i might have gone ahead and procured the brown ones but alas no. they did look really hot on though.

    oh, and i noticed that their lucky at your service iphone app is by the same people who did the seventeen fashion finder iphone app. while the lucky app has definitely improved over previous iterations, the current version lacks big time in the same way the seventeen app does- it doesn’t update often enough! i want daily, if not multiple times a day, updates! i haven’t had either of these apps long enough to tell if they’re at least going to update with each issue, but seriously…this may be for lack of personnel to update the content often enough, but i almost wish they wouldn’t bother to put an app out at all if they’re going to send out a half assed one. rant done. for now.