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  1. versace for h&m

    October 21, 2011 by thelillinator

    so pictures of the whole versace for h&m line have been released. gotta say…it’s a bit of a mess but i did find a few pieces that i actually really like. i assume that now i’m in a bigger city i only have to withstand the lines to get at the collection and not the travel AND the lines. if i’m lucky, the versace fans will find the pieces i like too boring (there are so many prints in the collection!) and leave them behind for me.

  2. canadia

    November 15, 2009 by thelillinator

    i made a whirlwind trip to vancouver, bc this weekend with The Boyfriend, another friend, and the pups. my main objective was to get a shot at the jimmy choo for h&m collection. secondary objectives included meeting up with some canadian friends and browsing my favorite shops. oh, and to make canadians understand that “tim bits” is a branded term for donut holes (another story for another time).

    jimmy choo for hm necklacei think i got to the h&m in pacific centre around 1pm (after waking up late and dropping my credit card at a gas station in burlington on the drive up) and was immediately accosted by a visual overload from the crowd of people watching the line of people trying to shop the jimmy choo section. honestly, that crowd watching the jimmy choo shoppers was more intimidating than the line itself. i mean, at least the line was contained within the store. i was ill prepared for the cold so i was grateful that i didn’t have to wait in line outside like i heard the lines were in new york; i had only brought my cute floral raincoat (which earned me many a compliment north of the border) to fend off the rain. a lil less than an hour later i finally made it to the front of the line only to hear, “mumble mumble size 8 and 9!” from the staff. i couldn’t tell (or was hoping in vain) if they were saying that sizes 8 and 9 were out or the only sizes left. i think if we’d been pretty much anywhere else in north america, i could have relaxed because sizes 8 and 9 are the most commonly worn shoe sizes. but no, i was in vancouver, where there is a huge asian population. asian women with their tiny asian feet. damn them all for taking my size 7s! so yeah, the staff had been saying only sizes 8 and 9 were left. boo hiss. regardless, i went in when i had the chance in the hope that the shoes ran small and i could fit a size 8. however by the time i actually got into the shopping area (which had a purple blockade set up around it and every time they finished rushing about a dozen people through at a time, they would move the blockades in even further to reduce the jimmy choo area. because they actually had enough inventory snapped up with every round of people going through that they didn’t need to keep all the floor space cordoned off) even the 8s were gone! i ended up just getting the heavily crystaled and chained necklace and bracelet because i just couldn’t walk away empty handed! actually there being practically no shoes or clothes left was a blessing in disguise because i didn’t discover that my credit card was missing until i went to pay so i didn’t end up completely draining my bank account by putting my h&m purchase on my debit card.

    jeffrey campbell poshmy missing credit card situation was resolved about 45 minutes later thanks to the helpful people at nordstrom credit services and the nice people at shell so i returned to my optimistic disposition about the weekend. spent some time wandering down robson street (oh, how i missed thee) and since i had missed out on the aggressive jimmy choo heels, i started looking for other aggressive heels elsewhere. i can’t remember the name of the shoe store we went into (it’s one of three that are practically all in a row with a couple of american apparels breaking up the store fronts) but i saw these awesomely decked out jeffrey campbell for ibiza (i think) heels. i would have asked The Boyfriend to get them for me if i had been able to get the damn things buckled! it was just the last part of securing the strap flap down that i spent five minutes trying to do before i gave up. but oh so pretty…if anyone has suggestions on how to work around this problem, let me know, because i want these shoes.

    zara military coatlastly, i rushed over to zara before they closed and found a wonder brown leather jacket with (faux?) fur lining but i couldn’t find my size and the staff was less than helpful. i also wanted these dusky lavendar snakeskin print heels but again with the size issue. i did end up getting this waist-nipping military-inspired coat in black. very hot. oooh, right now i’m picturing the coat, (p)leather leggings, and those jeffrey campbell heels. oooh! if only i: 1) had those shoes and 2) were a lithe model type who could totally pull it off. if h&m is supposed to be launching their e-commerce store next fall, i wonder how far behind zara is?

    i feel that i should also mention that The Boyfriend bought 2 coats and 5 pairs of shoes on this trip. we are now tentatively planning on heading back for the boxing day sales.

  3. i love taking a day off

    September 28, 2009 by thelillinator

    i feel like it’s been a fairly eventful monday in terms of things that pique my interest. :) h&m posted that they next designer collaboration is with sonia rykiel. the good news is that we don’t have to wait until spring for this to see the pairing come to fruition. sonia rykiel is actually going to start with a lingerie (first ever in h&m history) collection this winter. on december 5th, 1,500 stores will debut the collection. i wish each collaboration was available in 1,500 stores. (i’m still on pins and needles about the jimmy choo collection and if it’s going to be available in seattle at all.) interestingly, this lingerie collection will not be exclusive to h&m. another first for the store is the collection will be made available in the select sonia rykiel boutiques as well as h&m locations. kinda crazy!

    anthropologie also has some cool stuff going on in the near future. apparently anthropologie teamed up with the sundance channel to do a series following keith johnson, anthropologie’s world buyer, called man shops globe. i’m pretty sure it was sundance that did a behind the scenes show on the house of chanel gearing up for a fashion show and that was pretty awesome. instead of it being all about karl karl karl, they concentrated a lot of the focus on the couture seamstresses and even did an episode about some of the sourcing of materials. i’ve got high hopes for man shops globe and am superexcited about the launch party anthropologie is hosting at their downtown seattle location next thursday (the 8th) from 7p-9p. i plan on going. if you’re interested as well, you can rsvp at hope to see you there!

    sit stay love eventfurther reinforcing my high opinion of anthropologie is the fact that they are not only a dog friendly company/office, but they are hosting events throughout the month of october in 70 of their stores called sit, stay, love. during the sit, stay, love events there will be pet adoptions, food drives and yappy hour parties. seattle’s is at the downtown seattle location on october 22nd from 5p-8p. i plan on taking ruffus and pj. anthropologie has also created a line of canine inspired clothing to coincide with the sit, stay, love events but i don’t plan on touching that one with a ten foot pole. i love my dogs, i dress my dogs, but i will not be wearing dogs anytime in the near future.

  4. jimmy choo for h&m

    September 22, 2009 by thelillinator

    i assume that posting these pics is fine since the h&m facebook page actually pointed to other blogs that these pics were up on. i think we’re like a month and a half away until jimmy choo for h&m launches in 200 h&m stores worldwide. i’m hoping at least 1 of the 3 stores in the seattle area is one of them! there are some really hot pieces that i want and damn you h&m for not doing any e-commerce!

    let’s just get the men’s collection out of the way because it’s pretty boring (i’m saving the best for last). considering jimmy choo doesn’t have much (any?) presence in the men’s marketplace as is right now, i suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised. they’re all pretty basic (ooh, jeans. ahh, v neck sweaters. omg, a plain heathered t shirt!)  and may give guys who care a lil thrill that they got in on this collection. there was one stand out pair of shoes…but not in a good way…(faux?) snakeskin and studs? oy. stay tuned, i’ll post it in a few days on the wall o’fugly. mayhaps it was a piece the designer threw in during a fit of “inspiration”.

    hm mens casual lookshm mens black bootshm mens blue vneckhm mens grey tshirthm mens lighter jeanshm mens suit

    luckily the ladies stuff is a lot more consistent on the gotta-have-it scale. a term that was coined in the office and that i just can’t get out of my head is “bitchy moto.” you know, the agressive leather, chains, and studs or tough luxe look that is quite prevalent this fall. i love how it sounds! it reminds me of those tamagotchi keychain pets and the generic nokia ringtone, “hello moto.” so yeah, even though in my head bitchy moto sounds pretty electronic, i picture dirty. grrrr. anyways! on to the goodness!


  5. my calendar of shopping events, or i like shoes and twilight. a lot.

    September 7, 2009 by thelillinator

    on my calendar of fashion events coming up in the next couple of months is:

    september 11th- neiman marcus at the bravern in bellevue opens. excitement level- pumped!

    september 13th- anna sui for target line debuts. excitement level- pumped!

    anthropologie ankle bootsseptember 15th- luna twilight cosmetic line debuts at nordstrom. excitement level- only because it’s twilight related

    september 29th- these really cute booties come in from being backordered on! excitement level- impatient (already purchased)

    october 1st- twilight saga: new moon nordstrom bp clothing lines available for preorder (available in stores on october 15th). excitement level- hopeful (from what is available to view online, i’m a lil disappointed thus far)

    jcrew_and_fryeoctober 15th- locations carrying jimmy choo for h&m will be announced. excitement level- pumped!

    november 23rd- j.crew charlie ruffled mary janes come in from being backordered! excitement level – happy/grateful (gives me a lil breathing room to purchase them)

    tbd- i want these!!! excitement level- can’t you tell?