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  1. to buy or not to buy

    April 1, 2010 by thelillinator

    i can’t decide if i like this splendid dress $99 worth. like the cut, like the fabric, don’t love the color but could probably get over that…what do you think? i have a lil under 24 hours to decide…

  2. ingenious

    December 12, 2009 by thelillinator

    this past week gilt has offered two different versions of what will be, if it isn’t already, the essential glove for the 21st century. in the day of touch screen phones and high temperatures hovering just above freezing, staying in touch and avoiding frost bite are no longer mutually exclusive! some clever designers have come up with gloves that either have slits in the pointer fingertip and thumbtip (carolina amato‘s holed it glove) or, à la the cutoff finger glove/mitten, gloves with “hooded” pointer finger and thumb tips (girl 32‘s smart glove) so you can keep them warm or take them out to be dexterous as needed. i LOVE this! what i do not love is the fact that i’ve been so busy with the damn day job lately that i’ve missed out on the chance to capitalize on either of these sales. by the time i log on all the good colors are gone. boo hiss. i am strongly considering buying them full price but smart design does not come cheap. :(

    carolina amato holed it glove

    carolina amato holed it

    girl 32 smart glove

    girl 32 smart glove

    so let’s say i do capitulate and pay full retail (gasp!)…which do you think? cold weather favorite carolina amato in classic grey or black or forward thinking girl 32 in cable knit snow or black (on gilt, they had a black and white stripe that i prefer but i do not see it on their site…nor a way to actually buy their goods)? i do have to say that girl 32 has a certain appeal- their design acumen is not limited to gloves. they also have scarves with pockets(!) to hold your credit card/id/phone and a patented ponytail knit hat. it’s like the ponytail through a baseball hat meets beanie with a lil bling thrown in (swarovski crystal buttons go up and down the back of the beanie so you can open up a lil hole at whatever height your ponytail happens to be at). good in theory; not sold on it in reality but i definitely like where they’re going with all of their functional fashion accessories.

  3. simply beautiful

    September 25, 2009 by thelillinator

    i don’t have much to say about this donna karan dress. i saw it on gilt today (i promise, they’re not paying me…yet…) and totally fell in love. in kind of the antithesis of the wall o’fugly, i just wanted to post up this pretty pretty dress and wish that it wasn’t on sale for $798. the  sharp contrast in color and cut of the black straps against the soft pink satin draped fabric…le sigh. enjoy.

    donna karan contrast draped dress

  4. pop up sales

    September 25, 2009 by thelillinator

    if you hadn’t noticed, there’s been a real explosion on pop up sale sites recently. i’ve shopped rue la la and gilt (actually currently considering making purchases on both…holding out until the last second before they close) and are pretty impressed. for someone who’s as impatient as me, it’s good because the selection is usually wear now rather than wore last season and it’s organized! my big problem with places like nordstrom rack is that you have to be a digger to find your treasure. i do not want to spend that sort of time. imagine how many other things i could be buying if i didn’t have to sit around and poke through tons of junk.

    anyways, i guess the reason i find this significant is the expansion of gilt to gilt fuse, the younger, more contemporary sister of gilt groupe, and more recently jetsetter (really, that domain was available?), a pop up sale for luxury hotel/spa/ranch/other accommodations around the world. revolve, which just this year launched a more couture site, forward, has also gotten into the pop up sale business with reverse (which was initially named rewind. i’m curious as to why they had to re-brand. copyright/trademark issues? a crazy person in charge who suddenly changed his or her mind?). i even get daily updates from neiman marcus about the two hour sale they have in the middle of the day for like an extra x% off of sale goods. i haven’t bothered to look at any of the selection for those sales because they happen late morning/lunchtime and i’m usually in the middle of something around that time.

    with the recession i get why this model of creating demand around a limited time offer for (hopefully just) out of season goods is appealing, but at the end of the day i’m curious with what these businesses do with the left over inventory. i can’t imagine the brands are willing to take back these seasonal goods that they have little chance of selling elsewhere. in fact, i would think that these pop up sale sites are the places that the brands turn to when the brick and mortars are returning unsold goods.

    rue la la recently posted up a few different final sale boutiques, which is the first time i’ve seen the excess inventory problem addressed. i’m going to be pretty screwed if all the dresses i bought don’t fit, but other than the final sale, both rue la la and gilt have pretty lenient return policies (you may not get a refund, but at least you get credit with the site towards a future purchase, which better than being stuck with something you hate/doesn’t fit like most other liquidation sales). do they all really just save up enough stuff to do a final sale blow out? i usually don’t like to think too deeply about financials or business models, but this one has me intrigued. well, at least intrigued enough until i find a new shiny object to drool over. overall, i hope it sticks around like outlet malls have but in case it doesn’t, go! find something cool on one of these sites while it lasts (rue la la has a free people boutique from the 26th-28th!).

  5. rue la la vs. gilt groupe

    September 21, 2009 by thelillinator

    adam midnight and sun sateen tank dressinterestingly enough i saw the same adam dress on rue la la and gilt groupe. i haven’t decided yet if it makes a difference that the dress came off rue la la last night and just went onto gilt groupe this morning, but i thought it was single eyebrow raising that gilt is selling it for ($10) more than rue la la. do with that what you will.