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  1. thermal + sequins = love

    November 3, 2009 by thelillinator

    i love it when disparate things come together and make total sense. today’s opposites attract comes by way of free people’s sequin placket henley. i especially like the little bits of lace that sweeten the shirt and helps make the rugged thermal texture meet out-and-out glam of the sequins at a nice middle point.

    free people sequin placket henley

  2. free people’s lil things

    October 20, 2009 by thelillinator

    free people stirrup ruffle legwarmeri’ve danced in some form or another for most of my life (taking a break for college and then the real world (not the show)). i’m dabbling my twinkle toes back in with pole dancing (for seriously), and salsa classes that i start next week (and this time around it’ll be better because i have a partner from the get go, not the random old men who take salsa classes with naive college girls *shudder*). it’s no wonder then that dance detailed accessories are catching my eye.

    these stirrup legwarmers would be great for pole dancing. since i’m in the 101 series, we’re still barefoot and the floor can be a bit chilly. the instructors wear legwarmers, but i like these because the heel is exposed for that extra bit of traction (and trust me, i need it) so there’s no slipping during, say, the stripper stand up.

    capezio sofia 3in ballroom shoei don’t need to commit to a pair of strictly ballrom (tee hee) shoes quite yet, but i happened to stumble across capezio dance shoes on endless and found the sofia, a pair of decent looking heels. for now i’ll probably wear a pair of leather soled ted baker shoes i got in vegas a few months ago. let’s be honest, i’d probably wear the stirrup legwarmers with these too.

    free people diamond cuff glovelast but not least, i think these “gloves” are really hot. clearly, not to be worn while spinning on the pole, but could be useful during salsa if hands begin to get too sweaty. ideally though, i see these being worn with a beater for a bit of a dirty glam look in a hip hop class that i hope to rejoin soon. well, i guess these’d probably only be worn through the warm up. at some point, you got to just concentrate on the moves and let go of the pretense! (hm, preachy?)

  3. this is dedicated to the free people sneaker section

    September 24, 2009 by thelillinator

    i was trying to clean up my kitchen table and i still had the september 2009 free people catalog sitting out, but i couldn’t figure out why so i paged through it on the off chance i had actually not looked at it. i had actually saved it for one look of layered jackets(!) towards the end but what caught my attention this time was the pile of free people-ized converses that was opposite the layered jacket look. um, chucks laced with chains? yes please! as cool as all these are though, they’re all $120+. just take those chains and lash me some more, why dontcha? anyways, before going on to the awesomeness that free people has brought to the classic chuck taylor, let’s take a moment to appreciate that taste is not universal.

    exhibit 1. mesh sneakers. really?

    exhibit 1. mesh sneakers. really?

    exhibit 2. yes, that is skin you can see. why? i do not know.

    exhibit 2. yes, that is skin you can see. why? i do not know.

    now that mess is out of the way. onto the badassness.

    free people chained conversefree people lace converse

    le sigh. i’m pretty sure i can make the laced chain ones for the cost of a new pair of chucks+$15+time and effort, which is waaaay better than $128. i wouldn’t even want to try to diy the lace ones and i don’t like them enough to pay $188 for them. unless…i was in a bella situation, having to go to prom with a broken foot and needing some cute sneaks to wear with my party dress. now i just need to find a hot teenage looking vampire…

  4. oooh, sparkly

    September 8, 2009 by thelillinator

    trolling through my email and facebook and wanted to highlight a few things.

    purely paige Custom Earringsmy friend paige, of purely paige, made me these earrings. i got them just in time to wear them out for a birthday party this past weekend and i was psyched! i mean, really, how pretty are they? and for hand crafted, customized jewelry, they didn’t break the bank.

    go! look at what she’s already designed and bear in mind that she can customize anything she’s got posted up.

    free people azure top outfitsaw this in my inbox from free people. isn’t it cute? too bad it’s actually two pieces. the top floral piece is $88, which i don’t think is too bad, but then you add in the bottom sequined piece, which is another $68, and i’m wincing a little bit. unfortunately, i think the sequined layer is key to this look. otherwise it’s just plain, floaty, and bordering on unflattering. that’s not to say that i won’t get them, but free people is really leveraging all the $$$ they can out of us wanting our boho chic fix, huh?

    i read about monique lhuillier starting a more affordable line, bliss by monique lhuillier, this weekend. well thank god. if i ever get my ass married i have a shot at a beautiful wedding dress without spending more than half of my as-of-yet-undetermined wedding budget on it. (The Boyfriend, please don’t freak out.)

    madonna-for-louis-vuitton-fall-winter-2009-468x303i haven’t been so excited for a louis vuitton bag since takashi murakami collaborated with louis on the cherry blossom and multicolore patterns. you may have seen the sequined monogram pochette held by madonna. when i saw it last month i immediately went to lv and found out it is…$1,390!!! the regular monogram pochette is somewhere around $300. the sequined monogram mini-pochette is still $945!!! yeah…i don’t know…momma wants but momma could get so many more things for $1,000. *tear* (for the curious, the closest i got to the murakami bags was a multicolore cell phone wristlet and a fake cherry blossom papillon. not my proudest moment, getting a fake off ebay, but i never wore it out and eventually got rid of it. i wonder if they’re more or less expensive now that they would all be used but vintage. hmmm…)