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  1. ingenious

    December 12, 2009 by thelillinator

    this past week gilt has offered two different versions of what will be, if it isn’t already, the essential glove for the 21st century. in the day of touch screen phones and high temperatures hovering just above freezing, staying in touch and avoiding frost bite are no longer mutually exclusive! some clever designers have come up with gloves that either have slits in the pointer fingertip and thumbtip (carolina amato‘s holed it glove) or, à la the cutoff finger glove/mitten, gloves with “hooded” pointer finger and thumb tips (girl 32‘s smart glove) so you can keep them warm or take them out to be dexterous as needed. i LOVE this! what i do not love is the fact that i’ve been so busy with the damn day job lately that i’ve missed out on the chance to capitalize on either of these sales. by the time i log on all the good colors are gone. boo hiss. i am strongly considering buying them full price but smart design does not come cheap. :(

    carolina amato holed it glove

    carolina amato holed it

    girl 32 smart glove

    girl 32 smart glove

    so let’s say i do capitulate and pay full retail (gasp!)…which do you think? cold weather favorite carolina amato in classic grey or black or forward thinking girl 32 in cable knit snow or black (on gilt, they had a black and white stripe that i prefer but i do not see it on their site…nor a way to actually buy their goods)? i do have to say that girl 32 has a certain appeal- their design acumen is not limited to gloves. they also have scarves with pockets(!) to hold your credit card/id/phone and a patented ponytail knit hat. it’s like the ponytail through a baseball hat meets beanie with a lil bling thrown in (swarovski crystal buttons go up and down the back of the beanie so you can open up a lil hole at whatever height your ponytail happens to be at). good in theory; not sold on it in reality but i definitely like where they’re going with all of their functional fashion accessories.