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  1. all up in this kits

    November 16, 2009 by thelillinator

    lighted pussy willowcanada, day two was spent exploring the boutique side of vancouver. a friend of a friend owns u- the life accessory store on west 4th in kitsalano (cute part of vancouver; highly recommend checking it out if you’ve never been), which is quite possibly the cutest home and accessory store ever. on the last couple of visits i acquired my skull and crossbones joya candle (so sad there weren’t anymore in the store!) and some pussy willow lights that currently adorn my foyer. on this trip i convinced The Boyfriend to get me a red swarovski crystal flower ring and a gold cameo/greco-roman coin necklace. both are quite cute in a prim and ladylike manner. however, i think due to the influence of the traveling buddy (who favors nine inch nails and steampunk/distopic future styles) what i was really feeling in the store was a set of solid gold skull stud earrings and a huge six cz stone ring. if my credit card were on me rather than waiting for me in burlington, the ring would be sitting on my finger as i type this. alas, it continues to wait for me, an entire country away.

    the next stop was ray rickburn, the boy version of aritzia, a popular canadian chain (which has an outpost in bellevue square. the feel of the store remains the same on both sides of the border, but the offerings are pretty varied. aritzia in canada is kind of like a nordstrom tbd or fred segal; there are some house labels but they sit alongside popular contemporary labels. aritzia in the u.s. is primarily house labels, which are quite appealing in their own right, with a brand name laden denim bar to draw in the customer. i have a theory on this difference but i’ll save that for another time). there were some fun handcuff cufflinks that i wished i could turn into earrings but other than that i mostly sat back and watched The Boyfriend browse, chat up the staff, and otherwise stimulate the canadian economy.

    vie-de-chateaux dog bedthe last stop before lunch was an insane pet boutique on cambie street called the pet shop boys. i swear, not only did everything have a story, everything had a freaking european fairytale. from the ornate, antique inspired french dog beds to the spanish audrey hepburn rain jacket, everything was posh posh posh there. i love my dogs, but apparently i have a line and the pet shop boys were just on the other side of it.

    loved the decor completely. for me.

    lots of white, lots of curlicue details on all the displays. think it’s a bit much for a dog shop. pj is too much of a bitch to be wearing fuzzy fuchsia angora sweaters and ruffus, well, let’s just say i fattened him up good in the six months since he came home with us from the pound and i’m afraid that store might give him a complex. i don’t want my dogs to turn into yappers. i don’t want them to prance around on the regular (on occasion to amuse me is permissible). i want them to be the biggest lil dogs that will lick you to death or plot to poop in your shoe when your back is turned if you piss them off. they’re still dogs so they can be spoiled, but they cannot be frou frou.

    moving on, we left directly after a fantastic lunch in richmond at top shanghai. i haven’t had soup dumplings in a couple of years and i had nearly forgotten how good they are. yum. and now i want them again.

    the last stop on our 48 hour shopathon was the burlington outlet mall because 1) i heard there was a good lululemon outlet and 2) i needed shorts for my pole dancing class (yikes!). it’s workout clothes so nothing too exciting to speak of there, but deals were good so it’s worth the trip if you are a lululemon fan. or, if you’re looking for something more for day to day use, a couple doors down is a christian outlet where salvation is 25% off.