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  1. it’s the most wonderful time of the year

    December 29, 2009 by thelillinator

    i’ve got The Boyfriend so i don’t need any mistletoe-ing, but it’s time for all the after christmas sales! here’s a quick and dirty on what i’m looking into right now:

    1. completely brilliant (i forgot i had this idea at about the same time last year)- get uggs in big kid sizes! case in point, the navy and cream striped scuffettes i’ve been eyeing since the ugg fall campaign was released in late summer. i just got some nordstrom notes in the mail (we’ll not discuss how many nordstrom notes there were and therefore how many actual money i had to spend to earn them), but getting these slippers for about $20 less just for getting it in a different department? yes please!

    2. i recently attempted the over the knee boot despite my misgivings on how it will look on my frame. since i had similar misgivings on skinny jeans and have since found a way to make it work, i thought i may as well try the otk. well, my first foray sucked. i went super cheap at forever 21 so i wouldn’t feel as bad if it didn’t work. they actually didn’t look a quarter bad, but they were. so. noisy. back they went and in turn, i kept on searching for an entry otk boot. i think i found it in the restricted vamp boot! i like the taupe color because it’s not quite brown/tan nor is it grey (even though i still want a pair of grey boots). living in seattle, i normally avoide suede, but since this isn’t an investment piece, i don’t feel that bad.

    3. there are these schuler and sons wedges at the anthropologie downtown that i’ve been eyeing since at least september, if not earlier than that and i just called the store yesterday and they’re STILL not on sale! wtf? what does it take for something to get marked down? i mean, they still have my size so it doesn’t seem like the product is moving. je ne comprends pas! in any case, they’re pretty so i want to show them off in case in a moment of weakness i buy them anyways.

    4. hautelook is featuring radcliffe jeans for the next day or so. i discovered this british brand a couple of years ago. their niche in the marketplace is for those of us who hate having to buy two pair so of the same jeans so we can have a long version for heels and a short version for flats. radcliffes actually come long enough for heels and have cleverly hidden little holes where camouflaged cufflinks can help you insta-hem your jeans! i’ve not bought the pair of primrose hill bootcuts (ignore how they’re styled) they have quite yet because hautelook is going to have a michael stars sale starting tomorrow and every now and again i find something i like from that line. i can’t be spending all my money on shipping all the time now, can i?

    5. urban outfitters is currently having an insane sale where a good portion of their denim selection is only $39. even though skinny jeans have stuck around the past few years and don’t seem to be fading away any time soon, i refuse to spend too much on clothes that just do not absolutely flatter me, so this deal is right up my alley. i especially like the silence and noise lace ripped twig jean, which is exactly what it sounds like: a merging of the destroyed trend with the fancy lace trend. love it! i also am somewhat reluctantly jumping on the denim legging (more commonly known as the “jegging”- please, kill me now) bandwagon. i’m sorry, but i do not have skinny calves. i wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re fat or even athletic, and i by no means have cankles, but if i want to tuck a pair of jeans into boots, i need some damn thin material to do so! enter the denim leggings. i have one pair i bought in bp for around $40, so this pair of bdgs for only $39 seems reasonable.

    6. so let me mention again that i’m taking a pole dancing class. i love it. i love that now i get to wear shoes and, if i do say so myself, i’ve probably got the most varied shoe wardrobe that i’ve seen at the studio yet. they all don’t have to be clear platforms, ladies! bordello by pleaser has a nice model called the teeze (with many iterations, i.e. teeze 31g or teeze 07) with the hidden platform so it’s just a lil less stripper than what you might have expected. for a class i go to twice a week, i already have four pairs of shoes (five counting the pair that some one randomly just gave me), so i’m sure i don’t need actually need another…but 20% off…and baby pink…and a mary jane…? how can i resist?

  2. maaaaybe i want to grow up a lil bit

    October 30, 2009 by thelillinator

    i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned it or not here, but i’m taking pole dancing classes. i plan on progressing from the intro level to intermediate, and that, people, is when we start wearing the stripper shoes! well, i picked out my pair. red. glitter. and spats. awesome!!! angi, the owner agrees on the hotness factor, but she advised they won’t be so great for climbing (holy crap, i’m going to climb a pole?!?!). i guess it’s just an opportunity to build a stripper shoe wardrobe as i’ll need to get a pair of “stickier” shoes. i have no idea what that means and i’m kind of scared to find out, but more shoes the better!

    bordello by pleaser Teeze-31G-R