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  1. heavens to betsey

    October 8, 2011 by thelillinator

    i stopped by the new betsey johnson location on grant (street? avenue? frankly, i’m happy i even know that the street’s called grant, much less what kind of street it is) and while it was touted as being twice as big as the last location, i didn’t really see it. it seemed like most of the additional space came from a loft where the shoes, swim, and intimates were kept, but it wasn’t a full floor, so i don’t know where all the other space went. it still smelled like paint, which was a bit of a put off and you have to go through two doors to get inside and the one closest to the street was closed, so it’s a lil weird to get into it but once i got in there i fell a lil bit in love.

    oh the jewels! they’re so awesomely over the top, i just loved so many of them! i’m also clearly having a mismatched earring moment. here’s a (not so edited) run down of my favorites.

  2. fancy swimwear

    April 29, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’ve been on the hunt for swimsuits for my impending trip to la and betsey johnson is totally in my crosshairs. the bikini on the left is the one i’ve caught, the one on the right is one that i will continue to stalk. but can we take a second and just marvel at the absolute over-the-topness that is the second suit? i mean, there’s embellished, but this is embellished. (that’s right, bolded AND italicized.) but, um, it would be kind of perfect for pole (allpoleallthetime).

  3. out of control swimwear

    March 7, 2010 by thelillinator

    i am not entirely sure what happened in the few years since i last bought a swimsuit but, wow, they got expensive! (or perhaps my taste has gotten better?) each swimsuit that i’ve liked is around $100 for each piece! even i am having a hard time justifying spending $200 on less than a half a yard of cloth that i will wear only a few times. we’ll see. i won’t be heading to florida for a few months yet so hopefully one of these options will go on sale and still be in stock by the time july rolls around.

    my love of ruffles is translated in swimwear to skirt like bottoms. i definitely prefer the fuller coverage of a skirt-like/boy short bottom, which seems to be often paired with a fuller coverage top as well. i am not as fond of the bandeau cut for a top, but i like these bottoms too much to mind the more obvious tan line the bandeau will create. i think it’s hard to tell here, but the middle picture of marc by marc jacobs’ 2010 resort collection belleville bikini has a skull eyelet pattern embroidered into it. so. me. *swoon*

    this bikini by undrest (excited they do swimwear as well as lingerie!) appeals to my latent athletic side. aside from the cleaner silhouette of it, i can’t quite place why i keep thinking beach volleyball but i do. the contrasting trim, though, seems to be a nod to the brand’s underwear roots, which may be why i also find this bikini cheeky and feminine at the same time.

    does anyone have suggestions for suits in either of these veins that won’t cost more than a pair of designer jeans?