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can’t not shop

hi. i have a problem. i like to shop. a lot.

sadly, when i watched confessions of a shopaholic, i completely related. not with a super cute actress wearing crazy designer outfits, but with the sad character who shops all the time to fill a hole in her soul (otherwise referred to as the cockles of my black black heart. clearly i have issues.) i will shop for anything. i do not limit myself just to clothes, although that is the easiest conduit for me to express my shopaholic issues. if for some reason, heaven forbid, i feel like i need to take a break from shopping for me, i can very easily move on to shopping for my home. or my dogs. or convincing The Boyfriend he needs to buy something (vicarious shopping help a lil bit).

other than all that, i’m a seattle girl who works a corporate job by day and spends most of her free time fantasizing about and seeking out more items i would like to acquire for my wardrobe, home, or dogs’ wardrobes. weekends are an escape from all the ho hum, spent perusing malls and boutiques; weeknights are on the interwebs checking on what other parts of the world are finding hot. just feeding the frenzy of my materialistic appetite.

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