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September 17, 2009 by thelillinator

bravern girlthe pictures from the bravern opening finally posted online today. it was poorly categorized. apparently “random pictures of shoppers”=”party” in team photogenic land. took me a durned long time to find myself, The Boyfriend, and the pups. pictures didn’t turn out half bad though. while i was searching for our photos, i came across this picture of possibly the most awesome little girl ever. how cute is she with her purse and all her neiman marcus shopping bags?!?! i bet she’s such a bitch. and i love it! :P

imso StripeDressBlackmy other web wanderings are related to tonight’s activities. i’m going to the dlist golden ticket party at venom because my friend dj sharadawn is spinning. she advised it was going to be kind of fancy so i decided to wear a dress i got in london this past spring at a lil store in covent garden called imso. i love the internet because even though it seemed like such a tiny shop, i found them! yay! (not to be confused with the international mobile satellite organization-

this just in! a lil birdie tells me shoefly is going out of business! alas, another one bites the dust. personally, if this is true, i would recommend hitting up the brick and mortar stores to check out the 90% sale because the selection in stores are much better than online.

all saints double cable cushionback to my online ramblings…my reminiscences of london made me check out what’s new over at all saints. they’ve inspired me! i started with their homeware section and saw luxurious knit throw pillows. a couple of winters ago i bought about a dozen skeins of red and cream, thick cashmere yarn with the thought of making a blanket. alas, i didn’t have enough yarn to finish out the pattern i’d started so i just stopped. it’s actually still sitting, undone, in my craft box, but now i know what to do! i’m going to make me some cashmere throw pillow covers! mayhaps i will start frogging my blanket and beginning my pillow covers when the weather firmly turns towards dark and damp. how cozy of a picture is that? knitting on the couch during a drizzly dusk…nice…

other great all saints finds (*swoon*):

all saints bryce shrugall saints kitty shirt dressall saints deadwood altair dressall saints obia coatall saints deadwood altair topall saints porto boot


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