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October 15, 2014 by thelillinator

blue life fit laser cut racerback sports bra

many weeks ago i read on racked that planet blue was coming out with their own activewear line. at that point, i had only driven by a couple planet blue stores and never entered because, well, i was only interested in activewear. so given the article i was reading, now i had a reason to pay attention to planet blue (and now that THAT pandora’s box has been opened, well…) and for good reason! their initial offering is a bunch of sexy laser cut designs layered over nude performance fabric so that you look like you’re playing peekaboo with your goodies to whoever you decide to grace with your presence.

within the last couple weeks, i saw carbon38 and at least one other online retailer send out emails announcing the launch of the blue life fit line on their platforms so i bugged my planet blue obsessed friend to know why i hadn’t heard her raving about it yet. apparently (and she had some corroborating feedback from others) she thought the line was overpriced for the quality of the goods. while that made me hesitate to straight up make an online purchase immediately, it didn’t stop me from thinking the pictured sports bra was one of the best looking things around so i carved out some time to go to beverly hills (and i don’t know why i put it that way. this trip made me realize it’s only 15 minutes away and there’s a lot of free parking. i need to get over myself) so i could see the line in person. my verdict? yes, it’s a bit pricey for the quality, but DAMN IT IS SEXY, and i’m superficial so how it looks is really all i care about. also, at least the sports bras seem to run about a size small, so bear that in mind if you decide to purchase it yourself (and after The Husband just now interrupted me to ask if i was writing about my boobs at all in this post since i’m writing about a sports bra [clearly haven’t so far], it occurred to me that i did not once have to think about my boobs while wearing it. i think that’s a pretty good thing in and of itself).

after wearing it to pole tonight, i’m not completely convinced that it will hold up to constant wear for practice in class where i might subject the fabric to pulling (some parts of the laser cut layer seem a bit delicate), but it will be great for a costume piece because, did i mention? IT IS SEXY! i mean, have you looked at it?!

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