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October 5, 2014 by thelillinator

vertica wear closed inside leg hang

so…it’s been awhile…a couple years actually…! basically, i still like to shop, but i fell in love with pole a whole lot more. it came to a point i didn’t shop for regular people clothes anymore (see how i’m even calling it “regular people” clothes?), i was only interested in shopping for more pole gear. clothes to pole in (in stages of regular clothes skimpy enough to pole in, straight up activewear, lingerie, and back and forth), costume pieces, pole shoes, dance shoes, back warmers…my appetite was still insatiable, my tastes had just changed.

and then earlier this summer my bubble burst. it’s hard to say why (no really, i know what it is, i just don’t quite feel like bringing it up on the internet yet), but pole, this thing that had been the center of my non work and family life, this thing that usually made me feel so good, this thing that i loved, didn’t feel so lovable anymore. tricks are getting harder- requiring more strength, more flexibility, more balls, and i’m not keeping up. i’m trying to make up for it in my own way, which may mean that i don’t concentrate so much on pole because hopefully absence actually does make the heart grow fonder.

in any case, i’ve started shopping for regular people clothes again, just a little bit. i’m unwilling to give up completely on pole, and all its mostly comfortable, sometimes skimpy clothes though. so let’s start with some of my most recent acquisitions. i thought since this post has started off all touchy feely, i’d review something that makes me feel good.

i think last winter, my friend jennifer kim was touring australia. she stopped by a studio that also has a line of clothes, vertica wear, posted a pic of her in one of their tops, and i immediately asked her to bring me something back.

vertica wear tg

she got me this beautiful “tail” tank with a twisted grip pose on it. it’s nice and loose (i’m not tiny so I got a medium, but probably could have gotten away with a small), in fact with a tail, or think of it more as an asymmetric top with the back longer than the front. it’s wonderfully soft and flowy; looks great if you’re on spin pole. unfortunately, i didn’t pay great attention to how i washed it, and it shrunk up a bit so that instead of the bottom of the front hitting at my hips, now it hits closer to my belly button. i probably wouldn’t mind if i had super toned (or you know, toned at all) abs, but there’s a reason i find loose and flowy comfortable.

this past sept, vetica was at pole expo, and was nearly the only reason i seriously considered going to expo this year. luckily, i had some friends who picked me up some new goodies, including a curved hem tank with a marchenko illustration (love the graphic, but to be honest, don’t love the cut. it’s also a medium but fits more snug and maybe i’m paranoid, but the curved hemline on my body makes me feel like i’m trying to frame a baby bump). for now until that mythical day when i really get my ass into gear and do some cardio to lean out, i’ll probably wear it to bed. maybe if i wear the marchenko to bed, i’ll dream about it, and they say if you can dream/visualize it, you can do it (um..ha!).

vertica wear marchenko

they also brought me back some more tail tanks (SO thankful for! and i’m being much more careful about how i was these ones!), a long sleeved off the shoulder top that I couldn’t find a picture of, and one of vertica’s box tees, which is a little bit of a boxy tshirt with the sleeves cut off and pinned and the neckline cut off flash dance style. so of course, it looks too cute as it frames whatever fancy new sports bra that peeks out from underneath it.

vertica wear closed inside leg hang

final verdict? buy! but preferably when someone you know is going to oz so you don’t have to pay for shipping. even so, it’s well worth the postage. i can’t wait to see what other apparel vertica gets into (i’m really hoping for some sweats. how awesome would that marchenko or a russian split look across the bum of some pants, or one of their more vertical designs down a leg?!) and what other tricks they decide to do. what else would be a good pose to cover? it took me a minute to think of a good one, but i think shimmy’s seahorse or the oona sit would look good framed by all of the vertica signature curlicues. what else?

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