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welcome to paradise

August 9, 2012 by thelillinator

allsaints is promoting their new fall lookbook and i’ve particularly taken to their paradise print. instead of tropical flora, paradise to allsaints is a peacock/peasant feather print, which sounds pretty fabulous to me! (though i do think they really meant peahen, since the amber color way is in brown/tan tones and peacocks are the colorful ones- and oddly, the tank comes in a blue color way that is more traditionally peacocky but i don’t like it as much. looks kinda tie dyed to me.) now, i wouldn’t wear the skirt and the tank together, nor would i even get both, but i haven’t yet decided on which one i like better. i’m going to guess i’ll end up with the tank because i have such a hard time wearing skirts but maybe i’ll challenge myself! we’ll see…

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