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July 15, 2012 by thelillinator

cuz why not? and cuz i found that after i posted that huge list of lulu items last time, they somehow ceased to haunt me. though to be honest, i think the Husband is looking to get a running top from lulu and i might be able to piggyback an item or two on that trip. ;)

i really liked the hot ‘n sweaty short lulu released awhile ago, but i like the some like it hot even better because it has scrunch butt detailing! who doesn’t want a scrunchy butt? (p.s. if i could still find the centered energy bra in flash, i would so wear all flash w/these shorts!)

the wandering yogi bra is more of just a curiosity thing. i’m not crazy over the back (it’s kind of open with some braided strap detailing) but i feel like this would act a lot like a balconet bra and thus make boobs look amazing. we’ll see…


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