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July 10, 2012 by thelillinator

i tried on the jeffrey campbell teramos at the lf on robertson a couple weeks ago. i’m not entirely sure why. at first glance i thought it was hideous. but it was merchandised all over the store and every time i saw it i became a little bit more intrigued. i think i randomly tried them on with a dress that i fell a little bit in love with that was neon and flowy– basically the two things should NOT have gone together at all. whatsoever. nada. and yet…I TOTALLY LOVED THEM TOGETHER. (nevermind that just those two pieces would have cost about $500 put together.)

flash forward to present day- because me and jeff (and the whole world) are totally on the same page on the whole spike thing, i saw that there are now teramo SPIKES!!! i swoon (i think)! i do love the spike thing but there are like 4 other styles of jeffrey campbells with spikes that i want and i don’t think i need upwards towards half a dozen pairs of spiked shoes (shocking, i know. too many shoes? never! but at $200+ a pop…) so if i had to pick…i think i’d go with the originals…what do you think?

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