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free people by solow sport

July 6, 2012 by thelillinator

eh. it’s been a few days since fp movement debuted and i’ve been letting it sink in to see if my feelings changed over time. but alas, no. i was more excited for the free people yoga collabo with solow than was warranted. how disappointing! there’s maybe a dozen pieces to the line in a couple different pastel shades, mostly in fleece. i don’t know…i just wanted…more! i’m not sure exactly what i wanted more of but i guess it’s a lot more practical than i had hoped. i get it, they wanted to make something that was functional for yoga but does it really have to be reduced to relatively plain pieces with tie dye as the most spice to the line? le sigh. i kind of like this one sports bra. not enough to run out and get it now. like maybe if it was on sale in a couple months, i might try it on and see what’s what. i actually like the fishnet racer back bra a lot more except the weird texture on the boobs that you can see in the non-black colorways.

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