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hello sunshine!

May 1, 2012 by thelillinator

it’s starting to get warm again! yay! one thing sf does have going for it is that it’s generally at least an easy 10 degrees warmer than seattle is on any given day. so i can say that i started thinking about sandals again and i don’t have to wait until june to actually wear them! a couple years ago i splurged on a pair of loeffler randall strappy, sliver wedge sandals. i’ve probably spent a similar amount of money before on a pair of shoes, but those were boots and consisted of far more material! but somehow i justified the purchase. they still make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside when i think about them. (seriously, i’m smiling right now. weird, right? over a pair of shoes!) i just saw that madewell is selling a very similar looking sandal right now and it comes in red! in fact, i think the wedge is a bit taller and there is at least one more strap (at the ankle), so it makes me kind of *extra* happy! luckily these ones don’t cost the same as my loeffler randalls so i can indulge in these too!

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