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i have a confession

March 16, 2012 by thelillinator

i have a pair of crocs. actually, i have two! >_< i know! *gasp* one pair i only ever wear to let my dogs out and one pair aren’t half bad. they’re the santa cruz, which have a canvas upper. anyways, this isn’t about crocs. this is about toms, which i pretty much put into the same bucket as crocs. i’m told they’re like the most comfortable things ever but let’s be real here, i’m not generally that concerned about comfort. however, they released a new ballerina flat style in the last month or so and i’m loving them! *another gasp* they come in canvas, linen, suede, but by far my favorite fabrication is the grosgrain ribbon that seems to be exclusive to neiman marcus. what i really want, though, is for them to come in a metallic or sequined fabrication! i’m balking a lil bit at the idea of spending over $100 on a pair of toms…if only they were shinier they could blind me from the price tag!

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