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brrr! it’s cold in here!

January 22, 2012 by thelillinator

i need some free people in my atmosphere!

it’s gotten fairly chilly here in san francisco and i stared into my closet the other day to figure out how i used to stay warm in seattle without wearing sweatshirts everyday. somehow i was staring right through my sweater stack. i have no idea why. but it made me realize that with the exception of a hoodie, i haven’t really had to anything to the keep-me-warm section of my wardrobe. as it’s now more than half way through january, that’s not too bad, huh? (just to be clear, the growth of my wardrobe is a function of the passage of time, not its current contents.) however, with that realization came an itch to add a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ and i found it at free people.

i’m not sure why they call this a cropped sweater because i’m assuming that the model is 5’9″+ and it looks like it could be pulled down to the top of her hips. it looks cozy without being overly bulky, kinda sexy/playful with the off the shoulder action, but i think the horizontal ribbing really makes it because it’s that one unexpected touch that makes me go, “ooooh”. the only downside i see with this sweater is that it only comes in grey and a darkish blue. i feel like ALL of my sweaters are either charcoal or heather grey! and i have often been falling into the trap of wearing navy tops with dark denim and justifying it away as a “monochromatic look” instead of admitting that really i’m just lazy. not that i have any particular color i’d like to see it in instead. maybe cream and that’s really not that much more interesting than grey, is it?

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