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heavens to betsey

October 8, 2011 by thelillinator

i stopped by the new betsey johnson location on grant (street? avenue? frankly, i’m happy i even know that the street’s called grant, much less what kind of street it is) and while it was touted as being twice as big as the last location, i didn’t really see it. it seemed like most of the additional space came from a loft where the shoes, swim, and intimates were kept, but it wasn’t a full floor, so i don’t know where all the other space went. it still smelled like paint, which was a bit of a put off and you have to go through two doors to get inside and the one closest to the street was closed, so it’s a lil weird to get into it but once i got in there i fell a lil bit in love.

oh the jewels! they’re so awesomely over the top, i just loved so many of them! i’m also clearly having a mismatched earring moment. here’s a (not so edited) run down of my favorites.

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