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September 12, 2011 by thelillinator

i can’t decide if this is awesome or not. on the one hand, isn’t a clutch that is just large enough to hold your phone, lip goo, id and means of payment more than good enough? i mean, at least then you can easily manipulate your phone when you need to quickly update your fb status. on the other hand, it’s just so hard to not find this hot pink, chain strap evening appealing with its made-just-for-my-iphone slot and lipstick pocket. i’m totally one of those everything has its place people. it’s one of the most agonizing parts of the moving process for me (probably only second to packing!), the placement of everything in their new places. well…seeing as the bag won’t even be available until mid-october, i think that a gentle reminder that my birthday is in november isn’t uncalled for.


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