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fancy swimwear

April 29, 2010 by thelillinator

i’ve been on the hunt for swimsuits for my impending trip to la and betsey johnson is totally in my crosshairs. the bikini on the left is the one i’ve caught, the one on the right is one that i will continue to stalk. but can we take a second and just marvel at the absolute over-the-topness that is the second suit? i mean, there’s embellished, but this is embellished. (that’s right, bolded AND italicized.) but, um, it would be kind of perfect for pole (allpoleallthetime).


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  2. Mehal Shah says:

    Ok, dumb question. What happens when someone tries to, you know, swim in this?

    I know I’m a little over-practical since I’m a fan of those bullet-proof corsets.

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