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dress you up in my love

November 21, 2009 by thelillinator

i have that line stuck in my head, but i can’t remember what song it belongs to. ah well.

redmadisonscoat-pone of my buddies sent me a pic of a dog wearing a monkey daze t-shirt with a rhinestone skull and crossbones on it. of course this sent me on a search for it and i found a cool lil shop called madison’s fifth avenue, a luxury gift boutique for pets. ruffus has a pretty good rain jacket, but pj’s is harder to get on and off and overall doesn’t fit as well (if you’re wondering why we got her a raincoat that doesn’t fit, it’s actually a hand me down from ruffus). i’m waiting to find out if this raincoat has the oh-so-important slit for a dog harness to fit through on the back, but if it does, we have a winner! it’ll make a statement that she’s a girl without (i think) saying she’s a princess (since according to most people i know, apparently i’m the princess).

monkey-daze-fluer-pi did find a monkey daze shirt of my own that i think either pup would look good in. i feel like the fleur de lis is on the same wavelength as a skull and crossbones but since ruffus already has a hoodie with a skull and crossbones and their little poop bag pouch has tiny skull and crossbones on it, this fleur de lis hoodie will keep people from thinking i have some sort of fetish. (even though my own purse has tiny skulls and crossbones on it, i have a hoodie that looks like an old granny floral but it has skulls and crossbones all over it, and the tie i got The Boyfriend has skulls and crossbones on it. i have no idea why people might think i have a thing for skulls. or the tv show bones.)

red and black striped dog sweateror maybe if i want both pups to coordinate in full skull and crossbones glory (without being too matchy matchy. i hate it when i see couples or families wearing the exact.same.outfit. i also think it’s ridiculous that The Boyfriend can’t merely color coordinate, he must wear the exact.same.colors on his shirt, shoes, and coat) i should get pj this black and red striped sweater. squee! the doggie cuteness abounds.

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