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November 13, 2009 by thelillinator

every now and again Th Boyfriend speaks of making his wardrobe more grown up. first he ventured away from brightly colored sneakers to add in some (slightly) more mature styles like boat shoes or *gasp* neutral toned sneakers. then he started buying many a button up shirt. granted, they’re not dress shirts, but they do have collars and it’s a step up from the tshirt and jeans uniform.

he still teases me with ties though. some days he says he wants them, others he says that he will not be held to “the man’s” corporate standards. this duncan quinn tie is still more me than him (skull and all) but here’s to hoping it’s a good compromise on the dressing up front since, really, how formal can you say you’re dressed when you’re wearing a skull and dagger?

duncan quinn dagger tie

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