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July, 2012

  1. come on back off

    July 26, 2012 by thelillinator

    black milk had a big release last night- the nylon wars ep. 1 (ep. 2 to come in a couple weeks) and it was cool cuz that’s mostly what black milk is, but i wasn’t in love with anything (i fear i might have missed “my” launch. there is a lot of cool stuff that they did in the past but no longer stock that you can see here) except for a pair of shoes that they styled with some of the items. if you peruse the site enough, you’ll see that i’m not the only one who has noticed the awesome shoes their stylists choose. there’s actually a section that shouts out as their shoe provider, with the brand of choice being jeffrey campbell (of course). black milk actually has a pop up shop, complete with the black milk x jeffrey campbell collabo, that just launched last week at the solestruck store in portland, or. i was muy sad that i couldn’t make it. i’d love to try on a pair of leggings to figure out what size i am.

    anyways, back to these wonderful shoes. in typical jeffrey campbell fashion, there is a platform and there is a covered wedge. the back off, though, calls out its platform by using a silver material to highlight it. love it! i don’t love the photography from the solestruck detail page so i’m using a pic from black milk that features these awesome shoes (and one of the leggings that i actually do like from this launch). it comes in some bolder color ways, but they’re all too loud for me. i like the simplicity of the black and silvers because the silver detail that i love so much doesn’t get drowned out by a big bold color.

  2. michi vs black milk

    July 17, 2012 by thelillinator

    thanks to some brilliant marketing (and seeing them on a friend…who lives in another city hours away so i can totally bite her style), i am completely enamored with the michi illusion pant. the brilliant marketing being the “angular mesh inserts that create a slimming effect” on the legs. michi is actually supposed to be workout gear, but when it’s this pretty, i doubt i would wear it to work out; not even to pole. that being said, do you think that the black milk sheer spartans (2nd picture) have enough of (at all?) the same “slimming effect”? (the pic of the leggings with the gold inserts is just to provide a better front view.) even with shipping all the way from australia, the black milks are about half the cost of the michis. i probably would wear them the same amount to pole, which is to say pretty much not at all…but you know…on that off chance…

    michi illusion pant

    black milk sheer spartans

    black milk liquids gold spartans

  3. a little more lulu

    July 15, 2012 by thelillinator

    cuz why not? and cuz i found that after i posted that huge list of lulu items last time, they somehow ceased to haunt me. though to be honest, i think the Husband is looking to get a running top from lulu and i might be able to piggyback an item or two on that trip. ;)

    i really liked the hot ‘n sweaty short lulu released awhile ago, but i like the some like it hot even better because it has scrunch butt detailing! who doesn’t want a scrunchy butt? (p.s. if i could still find the centered energy bra in flash, i would so wear all flash w/these shorts!)

    the wandering yogi bra is more of just a curiosity thing. i’m not crazy over the back (it’s kind of open with some braided strap detailing) but i feel like this would act a lot like a balconet bra and thus make boobs look amazing. we’ll see…


  4. costume pieces

    July 14, 2012 by thelillinator

    i have no performances planned but i saw a few really cute things on that would make great costumes! i’m really enjoying just training and learning right now but it’s good to keep some things in my back pocket just in case…



  5. i need more tail

    July 13, 2012 by thelillinator

    i got a fishtail skirt from zara the other day. i love it and have already received spontaneous compliments from strangers! so now, of course, i must have more! i’ve been perusing jeffrey campbell and black milk pretty heavily lately (more on black milk later) and it’s put me in a rock kind of mood. with that in mind, i headed over to to take a look at what’s new because, you know, similar aesthetic but not always gonna break the bank. and whatdyaknow but i found some lovely tops with fishtail hems (that would look lovely with some black milk leggings)! all i can really do is *squee* over them. enjoy.

    while this is not another fishtail top, it is a top and it is from nasty gal and i do think it needs to be mine. bam!

  6. torn

    July 10, 2012 by thelillinator

    i tried on the jeffrey campbell teramos at the lf on robertson a couple weeks ago. i’m not entirely sure why. at first glance i thought it was hideous. but it was merchandised all over the store and every time i saw it i became a little bit more intrigued. i think i randomly tried them on with a dress that i fell a little bit in love with that was neon and flowy– basically the two things should NOT have gone together at all. whatsoever. nada. and yet…I TOTALLY LOVED THEM TOGETHER. (nevermind that just those two pieces would have cost about $500 put together.)

    flash forward to present day- because me and jeff (and the whole world) are totally on the same page on the whole spike thing, i saw that there are now teramo SPIKES!!! i swoon (i think)! i do love the spike thing but there are like 4 other styles of jeffrey campbells with spikes that i want and i don’t think i need upwards towards half a dozen pairs of spiked shoes (shocking, i know. too many shoes? never! but at $200+ a pop…) so if i had to pick…i think i’d go with the originals…what do you think?

  7. fetish?

    July 9, 2012 by thelillinator

    i went shopping a couple weeks ago with a new friend from france and i didn’t realize it, but apparently i felt every piece of leather clothing we came across. she asked me if i liked leather and i responded that i did. that’s when she pointed out my touchy feely habit. how weird that i never noticed! i love the idea of wearing leather clothing (not all at once though) but i always hesitate from pulling the trigger on a purchase because not only are they a serious wallet investment, but i feel like they make a serious statement about your personality. that’s right, personality, not just style…which granted, are intertwined but i don’t necessarily think my love of lace says much about my personality. but leather- leather is just so primal! it says, “i’m raw, i’m badass, i’m hardcore, so deal with me or leave me alone, bitches.” and i want to be that person. maybe i’ll grow into that person, but up until now leather clothing just hasn’t quite suited me. even this awesome vegan “leather” shirt gives me pause! i think the model looks relaxed and just a lil badass (i should be able to pull that much off, right?!) but the thought of actually incorporating it into my wardrobe scares me! oy!

    le sigh. you know, i didn’t even own a proper leather jacket until a year or two ago! i guess until i can manage to grow a pair, leather shoes will have to suffice. these jeffrey campbells are no slouch in making up for my wussiness! i generally like to save any clear plastic bits on shoes for pole, but i really like the idea of this floating gladiator look. and i’m not sure exactly what it is about the cutout in the wedge, but there’s something different about it than most other cutouts that i like. i usually don’t appreciate that bit of open sole but it works on this shoe.

  8. free people by solow sport

    July 6, 2012 by thelillinator

    eh. it’s been a few days since fp movement debuted and i’ve been letting it sink in to see if my feelings changed over time. but alas, no. i was more excited for the free people yoga collabo with solow than was warranted. how disappointing! there’s maybe a dozen pieces to the line in a couple different pastel shades, mostly in fleece. i don’t know…i just wanted…more! i’m not sure exactly what i wanted more of but i guess it’s a lot more practical than i had hoped. i get it, they wanted to make something that was functional for yoga but does it really have to be reduced to relatively plain pieces with tie dye as the most spice to the line? le sigh. i kind of like this one sports bra. not enough to run out and get it now. like maybe if it was on sale in a couple months, i might try it on and see what’s what. i actually like the fishnet racer back bra a lot more except the weird texture on the boobs that you can see in the non-black colorways.

  9. knuckle duster v2

    July 3, 2012 by thelillinator

    i still dream of alexander mcqueen’s knuckle duster clutches, but at $1,000+ and a more hermit personality than not, that dream is way off on the horizon. however, last night i saw a knuckle duster phone case! the owner of the case said it was by rebecca something but couldn’t remember. i asked if it was rebecca minkoff, but it didn’t really seem up her alley style-wise and the owner said no. however, now that it’s july, i’m trying to find out when the nordstrom anniversary catalogs are coming out so i went to the site. fate, via the nordstrom homepage, directed me to the tech accessories section and omg, yes it’s rebecca minkoff! surprising, but more than anything, exciting that i too, can have this wonderful little piece! to be honest though, i’ll wait and see if any color versions come out. who else thinks gold or a lacquered red is in order?

  10. please make a girl’s dream come true

    July 2, 2012 by thelillinator

    i want this to be a knee-ish length dress. do you hear me, unnamed designer that sells to anthropologie? that is all.