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April, 2012

  1. colorblockage

    April 23, 2012 by thelillinator

    who knew that combining two things i wasn’t that crazy about would make a killer dress? i’m talking about herve leger’s ubiquitous bandage dress and color blocking. i’ve always been too scared to wear the body con bandage dress (though i suppose that’s what spanx are for) and i neither get color blocking nor do i like it when i see it. i mean, at its core, if i wore a pair of jeans and a solid colored plain t-shirt, aren’t i still rocking the color blocking trend? really? anyways, i’m digging how herve leger has cleverly turned color blocking into visual camouflage for the hyper body con (get it? tee hee) to feel more comfortable in.

  2. 7 month itch

    April 20, 2012 by thelillinator

    can i already be nostalgic over my wedding that was only a lil over seven months ago? apparently so! free people has a body con dress w/lace sleeves and an open back, much like my wedding dress did (though my sleeves were cap, not 3/4 length). come to think of it, i really should try to get more use out of that nubra i bought for my wedding. that does it, for the sake of making my nubra an economic purchase, i must get this free people dress! all in favor?

    p.s. one of my wedding colors was navy, so the fact that this dress comes in navy on makes it more perfect!

  3. damsel not in distress

    April 10, 2012 by thelillinator

    2011 was the year of the sam edelman spiked shoes and the jeffrey campbell lita. 2012 shows us what happened when they were out drinking at the same club and procreated…and i’m really excited about it! jeffrey campbell’s damsel is like the lita but with a covered wedge instead of that big block of a heel. it comes in many fabrications but i’m all in a tizzy over the spiked damsel. i have the exie by sam edelman, which is basically a flat single strap thong version of the famed lorissa, complete with spike adorned heel. the lorissa strikes a good compromise; a sweet silhouette with hardcore spike detailing on the heel. the spiked damsel is like the big bad black sheep of the family. it’s on a hefty 2 inch platform and the back, all the way from the heel to that covered wedge sole is encrusted in spikes. i’m especially fond of this khaki color as it’s a shade softer than the goth black spike version. if this shoe’s not rock star level, i don’t know what is.

  4. i’m a slave for you

    April 6, 2012 by thelillinator

    recently refinery29 did an article on how offensive the term “slave bracelet” is. i had never heard the term before and i figured it was the new blood diamond or something to that effect. apparently it’s what you call one of those bracelet attached to a ring thingies. i’ve always loved the look of them but i never thought they were practical enough for me to wear. *pfft* how silly is that? anyways,  they pictured one of the most awesome slave bracelets i’ve ever seen! the three rings and larger cuff make it more of a…demi-glove (better term? meh.) which is an unusual spin on an already unique accessory. i still can’t imagine myself actually rocking this but it’s a reasonable enough price that maybe one day when i’m feeling particularly badass i’ll buy it (…and then have to wait for the next time i feel even more badass to actually wear it! :P)