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December, 2011

  1. mad hord

    December 10, 2011 by thelillinator

    i went shopping with a friend today and i not only love her taste, i love that she has this perfect tiny body that makes dressing up easy and fun. (i mean, yes, i would love it more if *i* had the perfect tiny body, but watching her play dress up was pretty fun too.) we both appreciate a (maybe not so) healthy dose a glitter and sparkle but also like the raw, deconstructed look of ripped sweaters and leather. (i’d also like to point out that the last sentence pretty much sums up one of the outfits she bought: sparkly sequined shorts and an oversized sweater with slashed sleeves.) she, however, is way more hard core than i am. so much so that i must call her hord core- there just needs to be so much emphasis on the “hard” that italics, bolding, and underlining doesn’t convey.

    anyways, so now i’m in the mood for some really rockin’ clothes! i saw these snake print denim leggings by ag that i’m kinda loving. the dark green of the jeans is a lil fresh but dark enough that the snake print appears as more of a subtle hint than a full blown OMG-is-she-wearing-snake-pants?! maybe paired with some matte or black on black sequin action on top?