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September, 2011

  1. oooh, sparkly

    September 30, 2011 by thelillinator

    omg, while i was out on the 2nd hottest day all summer in san francisco i saw the CUTEST winter coat by gryphon. i love everything about it. a sewn in cropped sequin hoodie? yes, please! navy? haven’t gotten over it from last year! TWO sets of pockets (flap and slit ones)? i can leave my purse at home for quick yet still glamorous jaunts out of the house!

  2. bike accessories!

    September 25, 2011 by thelillinator

    so this summer i got a bike, a public bike to be exact. they’re cute and european inspired. mine’s baby blue and has the step thru frame so i don’t flash folks getting on and off of it if i’m wearing a skirt (instead i just battle the wind to keep my skirt down as i ride). of course what happens as soon as i get my bike? i start getting accessories! my helmet is pink (there was a shiny sparkly one too but it had an 8 ball logo on it and i liked the plain matte pink better) and i have a rack on the back to carry stuff. what stuff, you ask? by stuff i mean my dogs…well, just ruffus. pj is too high strung to hang out in it. ruffus didn’t really like hanging out in the basket on the back of my bike but he didn’t immediately try to abandon bike. also, the basket isn’t terribly secure at the moment, so if i do take him on my bike, i just push it around. kind of defeats the purpose of the bike. well, i was pleasantly surprised by an email from public today that touted the new bike accessories that they are offering. lo and behold, they have a dedicated doggie bike basket! i’m in LOVE! i will be heading over to their store soon to make sure at least one of my dogs can fit in it. seriously, how cute is this?!

    in other useful bike mount accessories, here’s a great way to keep your phone handy! i have alternated between keeping my phone in a pocket and sticking it in my bike basket. this is a HUGE improvement. congrats, public, you just got 200 of my dollars. is it too much to have a rear bike basket, a handlebar dog basket, AND an iphone mount all at the same time? will there even be room for me left on it once i’m done tricking it out?


  3. horseshoes

    September 20, 2011 by thelillinator

    here’s my man repeller moment. i can admit these are clodhoppers and i imagine i would look like a horse running around in these shoes but i still love them.

  4. i can’t think of a clever post title but it has something to do with vintage

    September 17, 2011 by thelillinator

    and karen elson and nine west. sorry about that. anyways…i wasn’t a huge fan of the nine west vintage america collection when it first launched because it was too western. i love me some frye boots but all of mine are far from being mistaken as any cowboy boots and in that first (couple of) seasons, that was the market nine west vintage america was trying to tap. now they’ve gone and collabo’ed with karen elson and i couldn’t be more thrilled. it’s still vintage but with a lil bit more of a carni feel (um, to explain the appeal to me, i’ve been taking a lot of circus classes this past summer). it’s how i imagine a lot of that water and elephant movie with robert pattinson and reese witherspoon looked (because i still haven’t seen it yet).

    i’m especially fond of this inthedirt boot. it’s tougher than the granny boots offered up but still girly with the glitter (i mean really, there’s glitter on it! did you have any doubt i would love it?) i would love to rock these this fall but until i start doing more things that require real clothes (as opposed to the workout clothes i’ve been practically living in), i suppose these will have to wait. again, i’d like to point out that my birthday is a mere 2 months away…

  5. tech savvy

    September 12, 2011 by thelillinator

    i can’t decide if this is awesome or not. on the one hand, isn’t a clutch that is just large enough to hold your phone, lip goo, id and means of payment more than good enough? i mean, at least then you can easily manipulate your phone when you need to quickly update your fb status. on the other hand, it’s just so hard to not find this hot pink, chain strap evening appealing with its made-just-for-my-iphone slot and lipstick pocket. i’m totally one of those everything has its place people. it’s one of the most agonizing parts of the moving process for me (probably only second to packing!), the placement of everything in their new places. well…seeing as the bag won’t even be available until mid-october, i think that a gentle reminder that my birthday is in november isn’t uncalled for.