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January, 2011

  1. quack

    January 20, 2011 by thelillinator

    thanks to the canadian wonder that is david’s tea, i am now fully on board the (frou frou) tea train. much as how i like my coffee the sweeter the better, so i also like my tea. when there are options like buttered rum, pumpkin chai (seasonal), and creamy earl grey how can you refuse? of course with tea comes tea accessories, which i’m just now discovering (note- no mugs for work; just being honest, i’ll never wash them). i came across the cutest rubber ducky tea infuser on! the tea strainer/steeper is attached to the bottom of the duck so all you see is a little yellow birdie floating in your cup. and when you need to remove the leaves from your mug? why there’s a convenient holder for your infuser that’s fashioned to look like water so your duck never has to waddle onto dry land. well hello there ducky friend, i think i shall call you fred.