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December, 2010

  1. leather

    December 18, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’ve been kind of obsessed with leather jackets lately. The Fiance got me a leather jacket from aritzia for my birthday. it was a nice greige color, kind of in the vein of a motorcycle jacket, and so so so soft. surprise, surprise- i want more! so this new jacket of mine, it’s by mackage for aritzia. before aritzia i’d never heard of mackage so i was pretty sure that it was just another house label. wrong-o. in case you’re ignorant like i was, let me show you the light.

    mackage specializes in outerwear, leather and wool, and also offers some accessories and clothing. well i poked around and found that “more” i wanted in the shape of the kimberly jacket. it’s quite similar to the mackage for aritzia jacket i have except the kimberly has a little bit more seam detailing at the shoulders and it has THUMBHOLES! if every long sleeved article of clothing i had came with thumbholes it wouldn’t be enough. needless to say, i’m drooling over this one. the blue petrol color is a great option, i think. it’s not your standard black or brown and now that i’ve collected some khaki, grey, and olive pants, i wouldn’t be limited to monochromatic look with my current leather jacket. it’s probably unreasonable to want this for christmas so i’m hoping there will be a post-holiday sale in which i can partake.