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October, 2010

  1. ingenious!

    October 23, 2010 by thelillinator

    i don’t know one single girl who likes how the tops of pantyhose or other tights looks. the closest i’ve come to solving this problem is wearing spanx uber-high waist tights (they can’t cut in if you wear them up high enough where there’s nothing to cut into, right?). this is not a pretty solution though and i did not think there was anything to be done until now. i just saw some fishnets and back seam hose that have an attached panty! this works on two levels. the first is, let’s face it, the only underwear and hosiery looks good together is when the underwear is on top, a la a showgirl, but who does that in real life? the second is the fact that there are a ton of underwear options out there now that ultra stretchy waistbands like hanky pankys (which i LOVE). these dreamgirl hose are the perfect combo. can’t wait to try them out.

  2. for the boudoir

    October 17, 2010 by thelillinator

    erm, so, one of the reasons i’ve been neglecting the site is because i’ve become uber-obsessed with pole (admit it, you could probably see that one coming a mile away). one of the great things about the studio i go to (divine movement) is that they offer a boudoir dance class. it’s just dancing for the love of movement and dressing up in pretty, slinky, lacy, ruffly things is highly encouraged. to that end, courtesy of the lingerie addict, i’ve come across the cutest boudoir offerings…from across the pond. anyone want to pool orders to save on shipping?

    for my wedding dress

    too sailor moon?

    too hot for words

  3. which boot?

    October 10, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’ve decided i want a grey/taupe/greige tall wedge boot this fall. right now i’ve narrowed the options down to the versatile matiko brit or the just plain pretty ash ursula. thoughts?