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May, 2010

  1. and then

    May 21, 2010 by thelillinator

    yes, i realize i’ve been horrible about posting lately. first i was busy with work, then i was busy planning out my vacation to la, then i was on vacation in la…(btw…i got engaged in la!) so yes, i’m a bad blogger. there was much shopping to be done in preparation for my trip that was essentially a five day shopping spree. i’ll have to gather up some pictures to share what i bought. (in other news, The Boyfriend bought 15 pairs of shoes on this trip!)

    but now i’m back and am about two weeks away from a work trip to nyc. so now i need to put together a google map for what shopping i can accomplish in the evenings for the 4 days i’m there (yes, i’m very type a). i went to the opening ceremony in la and it’s just too cool for me so i’m not going to bother finding the nyc outpost but you know what wasn’t available in la? topshop. and how fortuitous! kate moss’ spring/summer 2010 collection for topshop just launched. i’ve already picked out a couple pieces that i hope i can find in the store (actually, i guess first i’m going to hope i can find the store itself). after watching a horrible video of kate dancing around striking two poses on a ridiculously short loop while focusing mostly on her face and hair modeling her designs i took a second to appreciate how broad it actually is (there are 32 dresses alone) and consistently rocker/boho chic! i love the lingerie as outerwear concept (lace! ruffles! layers of sheer fabric!) and kate does it exceptionally, wearably, well. dear nyc, please leave me a few pieces to choose from.

  2. pretty shoes

    May 5, 2010 by thelillinator