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  1. problem? solution!

    November 29, 2009 by thelillinator

    lately i’ve been pondering a pair of gold hoops. not plain gold hoops, but something with a lil pizzazz but not over the top. i didn’t want any sparkle but i wasn’t sure how else to attain a distinctive look for otherwise basic gold hoops. enter cc skye. i just bought a pair of snake print gold hoops off of the cc skye site that i think meets all my requirements for timeless yet unique earrings. and courtesy of people magazine, i found out that with the code ILOVECCSKYE you can get 20% off anything on their site until christmas day. score!

    cc skye lady hawk cobra hoops

  2. madewell

    November 18, 2009 by thelillinator

    madewell striped cocoon cardigani don’t quite understand why madewell doesn’t have e-commerce set up given that they are an off-shoot of j.crew. it’s not like j.crew is in the stone age of online shopping. why can’t they get their shit together so that i can order this sweater without having to *gasp* make a phone call!? how inconvenient to expect me to talk to a person. i may give in though because even though i don’t generally like dolman sleeves, i finally got those frye matilda button boots i wanted, and they need skinny jeans to go under them, which necessitates a big floofy top. given that it’s winter, a big, floofy, warm top is even better. i see my new jimmy choo for h&m big ass bracelet rounding out the look quite nicely. also appealing is that the sweater is under $80. fine, madewell. you’re offering is enticing enough for me to break with my normal shopping habits. happy now?

  3. oh thank heaven

    October 11, 2009 by thelillinator

    tracy reese birling ruffle coaton thursday night i went to the man shops globe premiere event at the downtown anthropologie. after having some wine and what i think was pate, i finally picked up the plenty by tracy reese coat i’ve been coveting (marc bag will have to wait for the end of the month. la rok blazer, likely next month. here’s to hoping it gets marked down by then)! i remember being slightly put out about something when i went home with the coat, but to be honest, i’d had a few cocktails before even getting to the premiere so the next morning i couldn’t quite pin down what the problem was. well, i found out yesterday when i put the coat on to take the dogs out on a walk. NO POCKETS!!! wtf? after brooding about it all day i went to grab the catalog picture of the coat off my fridge to throw it away and i noticed that the model had her hands in…POCKETS!!! after very very very carefully studying where these alleged pockets seemed to be placed, i was initially convinced the coat had just been styled with pockets cut into the seams and i was willing to do it too. i mean, how useless is a coat without POCKETS!?!

    after an even more exhaustive examination of the coat, i found POCKET LINERS!!! these pockets were like the most securely sewn shut things apart from actual seams! i’ve just finished opening up my pockets and i’m so happy! i may just wear it up the street to grab dinner and leave my bag behind since i can stick my keys, etc in my POCKETS!!!

  4. redecorate

    October 5, 2009 by thelillinator

    sundance tall drapers cabineti need to get my act together and finish decorating this condo! i’ve been telling myself for ab0ut the past 2 months that i’m saving up to buy this awesome bookshelf from the sundance catalog (i know, right?!) but let’s be honest, i suck at saving.

    i’ve also already purchased a tv stand similar to the one pictured here. instead of wide shelves, the one i have has 3 shorter shelves, which should fit the dvd player, the cable box, and the various gaming systems just right. the thing is, i’ve had this shelving unit for what’s got to be coming up on 2 months now and it’s still not mounted.

    whalen gravi-t consolei even have a new chandelier that i hope works instead of the modern monstrosity i’m currently stuck with (came with the condo) that’s been sitting around for coming up on 2 weeks now. i’m starting to really think about these things because of some combination of holiday entertaining planning or because it’s getting chilly and we’re keeping the windows closed so it’s become more apparent that perhaps the puppies are not quite as good as holding their bladders as i once thought they were.

    after the bookshelf? hardwood floors! or a mitchell lomas piece from his bird collection! or maybe both since i’m feeling a lil delusional right now!

    mitchell lomas bird-1amitchell lomas bird-4amitchell lomas bird-2amitchell lomas bird-3a

  5. rue la la vs. gilt groupe

    September 21, 2009 by thelillinator

    adam midnight and sun sateen tank dressinterestingly enough i saw the same adamĀ dress on rue la la and gilt groupe. i haven’t decided yet if it makes a difference that the dress came off rue la la last night and just went onto gilt groupe this morning, but i thought it was single eyebrow raising that gilt is selling it for ($10) more than rue la la. do with that what you will.

  6. extended edition

    September 20, 2009 by thelillinator

    eyelashesyay! i got my first eyelash extension fills yesterday! i’ve had my initial set for 3 weeks now and i LOVE having extensions. they save me from feeling oh so gross/drab every morning when i wake up cuz BAM! i’ve got big glamorous lashes already! for anyone who is seriously considering getting them, i would highly recommend going to lady lam. i went there for my initial set and christine was considerate and talked me through all the steps and was extremely thorough in making sure my lashes looked perfect before i left. an initial set costs $115, which isn’t bad considering the going rate in the marketplace. one bad thing though is that she’s out in the middle of nowhere aka the renton highlands. you could also try adore in chinatown, where i went for my fills because they are 1. way closer and 2. somewhat cheaper. however, it’s just not quite as nice. i mean, i got all my lashes on and it was $1/minute, but that extra care to ensure that the lashes actually look good when you walk out the door wasn’t taken. some of my lashes dried sideways or curled down and it took me about half an hour to 45 minutes to fix them. you do get what you pay for, so i’m thinking the next time i’m a lil short on cash i’ll go back to adore, but will likely go back to lady lam if cash flow isn’t a problem.

    ea red door spa logoafterwards, i went over to the eastside again, this time hitting up both the bravern (where the self park was an absolute mess! it’s like they’re really trying to drive you to using the valet) and bellevue square. anthropologie had that plaid vest i posted earlier. that whole waist definition thing i was hoping for didn’t work out so well on me. (ah well.) the plenty by tracy reese coat still wasn’t in. (and i continue to wait.) dna 2050 had the husbands of the real housewives of orange county. not for real, but whereas last week there were young hip people in the store buying young hip clothes, yesterday there were middle-aged-salon-tanned-and-frosted men buying clothes that screamed, “trying too hard.” oh bellevue and your overdone population. the one good thing that came out of the trip was finding out the elizabeth arden red door spa has a “warm welcome” package good through november 15th. you can pick either a signature facial or massage, a warm cream manicure or a shampoo and blow out, and you get a make up refresher all for $120! for anyone who’s gotten a massage or facial, you know that you usually come out of them feeling nice, but you’re hair’s a mess and you certainly cannot go about your day straight from the spa. well, i’m superexcited about it and hope to be going in the next couple of weeks. take advantage peeps!

    martin and osa ponte dressover at bellevue square i got the new longer length sherpa hoodie from j.crew that happened to be on special for an extra $10 off. score! i also picked up a black matte and metallic striped scarf that i’ve had my eye on for awhile. amazingly enough, i do not have a black scarf at all. how remiss of me. so glad i took care of that problem today. i also stopped by martin + osa (older sibling to american eagle, if you didn’t know) where The Boyfriend was going hog wild on button up shirts. they have a special going on “through at least sunday” (their imprecise words, not mine) where if you spend $75 or more you get 20% off. i happened upon this super cute dress and they had one left in my size. unfortunately it had the zipper from hell and wouldn’t even zip up on the hanger! now i’m hoping i can get one of the two units that seem to be left on the east coast in the morning. (circumstances may not actually be that dire as the cashier said there were no units left online, but i’m looking right now, and apparently there are!) wish me luck!

  7. i snooze, i lose

    September 19, 2009 by thelillinator

    brochu walker navy cashmere neck coverbrochu walker navy double layer cashmere cardigani was incredibly drunk thursday night at the dlist golden ticket party. luckily that didn’t translate into incredibly hungover on friday, just a lil hungover. but needless to say, it made me slow to check my rue la la email for their fashion vol 2 final sale boutique. i didn’t actually get to it until after midnight because when i got home from the day job i pretty much napped straight until 10pm. The Boyfriend managed to rouse me for a couple of hours of tv before we headed to bed. as is our regular routine, we both played on our iphones for awhile (perhaps something akin to our generation’s version of 50s tv couple separate beds. i can totally see tv or whatever method of visual entertainment exists in 50 years portraying the good old days of the early 2000s with the couples being so quaint, laying separately in bed with their iphones…) before dozing off. if i’m not tired, i always take a lot longer to put the phone away and last night i spent it finally looking at rue la la. i managed to stay up until about 1am, or the brochu walker midnight ruffle vestmax mara section of the boutique, before i was falling asleep with phone in hand. i figured, it’s a friday night, i’m sure it’ll all still be there in the morning. how much ecommerce really takes place in the wee hours of the first night of the weekend. well, i was wrong! these two lovely brochu walker cashmere pieces were gone a mere 7 hours later! i am so sad! a two-ply cashmere cardigan for $89?! granted, i did score a cashmere cardigan at a boutique blowout sale for like $20 once, but $89 ain’t shabby! and that neck cover, which i’m not sure is just a loop or an actual scarf, was only $29! another prize i just lost out on while writing this is thatĀ  cute lil ruffley vest thing that was more than i would have wanted to spend on it so i’m not as heartbroken, but still so desirable! i lament! i shake my fist at morpheus! i sigh!

    i’m going to keep on risking it though because we’re making another trip out to the eastside today and i need to see if there’s anything there worth getting before i partake in the rue la la sale. there are some adam, ella moss, and tracy reese pieces that i will get if there’s nothing more interesting in bellevue. and if any of these are gone by the time i get home this afternoon, i’m blaming you.

    tracy reese grey pintuck shift dress

    tracy reese overlay dresstracy reese floral voile dressella moss metallic trim sweater dressadam midnight and sun sateen tank dress

  8. the bravern is open!

    September 12, 2009 by thelillinator

    cute lil decoration on the bravern grounds

    cute lil fox decoration on the bravern grounds

    the bravern in bellevue is finally open and i had planned to spend a fun friday night checking out the new neiman marcus before going to a “tweet up” (i am not on twitter) at moksha on the ave. unfortunately, i did not leave the day job until after 6pm and then by the time i had gone home, attended to the dogs, and went to go pick up The Boyfriend from his office, it was already 7.30pm and neiman marcus closes at 8pm. highlight of the night ended up being a cute new oversized filigree ring i got at moksha (sorry, no picture; it came out blurry. if only i had an iphone 3gs with the new auto-focus feature!). there was a big let down having to do with being promised a spot on a list at a club where a friend was dj’ing. too bad she didn’t show up until like 5 minutes before she was supposed to go on…which was also about an hour after the list closed. needless to say, after leaving puppies 1 and 2 at home alone practically all day and night, i was a much happier camper just going home and chillin with them.

    anthropologie bellevue store front

    anthropologie's really cool bravern store front

    so The Boyfriend, the dogs, and i didn’t actually end up going to neiman marcus until today, which was almost better anyways, since the rest of the bravern didn’t actually open until today. stores of particular interest to me beyond neiman marcus were the new anthropologie (which now means whenever i trek over to the eastside i’ll be able to basically get all my stores banged out in one go. score!), tory burch, jimmy choo, and dna 2050. there was also a louis vuitton store and a masins store, but like most of the rest of the shopping center, they both seemed smaller than they should have been and the selection much more limited than expected. for those who don’t know, masins is a furniture store. i swear the entire store was about the size of an 1100 square foot condo’s living room (i.e. the size of my living room). how do you justify renting a retail space where you can only display 1/50 (i’m guessing) of your inventory and where your staff just defers all interest to one of your larger locations? i hope to god these people are not paid on commission. or lucky for masins because they found them some suckers.

    anthropologie plaza cardigananthropologie was the only store that i was actually impressed with. the decor, as always, was amazing. so much so that The Boyfriend tried to buy a mini chess set that, while tagged for $2.99, was actually just part of the merchandising. i found the floor space was actually satisfactory considering. unfortunately, that plenty by tracy reese coat i want wasn’t in stock yet. i did end up getting this nice ruffley red cardigan.

    neiman marcus bib necklace

    *sigh* to die for

    the main draw, neiman marcus, was somewhat of a letdown. i mean, it’s absolutely great that we finally have a neiman marcus and i totally know where i’m going to go the next time i need to buy a cocktail dress (because that happens SO often). but compared to the neimans i’ve been to in vegas, nyc, and cali it was teeny tiny. it wasn’t merchandised that well as in nothing jumped out at me and screamed, “you must own me!” i was also disappointed with the contemporary selection. i had hoped it would be bigger. granted, it’s neiman marcus and it’s all very high end designer, but let’s be honest, i’m not buying that stuff. i’m buying the contemporary labels. or at least, i wanted to.

    civil society free range shirtThe Boyfriend had better luck than me. he was getting lots of attention from cooing bellevue ladies for carrying pj around. by the end of the trip though, i had to admit that it wasn’t that pj was cuter than ruffus, it was The Boyfriend. when he carried ruffus around for a few minutes, mr. fuss actually got more attention than pj. sucks to have armed him with cute dogs to attract every other female in the world. anyways, he came away from neiman marcus with two civil society shirts. one was a burgundy plaid short sleeved woven shirt with a matching tie and the other is pictured here. the turquoise really brought out the blue of his eyes.

    tory burch sweateranother bust for me was the jimmy choo store. i was surprised that they displayed mostly handbags rather than shoes. needless to say, i moved on quite quickly. on my search for the anthropologie, i stopped at tory burch. i hadn’t thought i’d find much of interest there. i haven’t gotten into her much lauded flats and when i visited the tory burch boutique in vegas i was just, “eh.” happily, i found the pictured sweater in grey. unhappily, it took freaking forever to actually purchase the damn thing. first, they only had smalls on the floor so they had to go to the “off site” storeroom to find my size, which was on the second floor (not exactly what i consider off site). then apparently they couldn’t find it so they were going to order it in from another store for me. i hadToryBurchLogo already been walking around the bravern for about 3 hours at this point and i was thirsty. jimmy choo had been serving beverages, but we didn’t stay long enough to partake so i straight asked the tory burch staff if they had anything to quench my thirst while i waited. i ended up with a diet coke, which was more than i was hoping for, but i have the sneaking suspicion i took a staffer’s break time beverage. i would have felt bad except my salesperson who had my credit card to ring up my shipment disappeared for at least 10 minutes! eventually i asked a salesman (whom i’ve seen rotate through several other higher end stores in the past) to check on my salesperson to make sure she hadn’t fallen and was injured in the backroom. i’m serious. i couldn’t understand what was taking so long i was convinced she had to be immobilized and no one else was in the back to help her. turns out the top was in the store somewhere and she was tracking it down. i just wish she had told me because The Boyfriend was starting to get annoyed, waiting on me.

    dna-2050 logothe last place i want to touch on is dna 2050. it’s a pretty cool shop with a rather stark black and grey palette and i recommend it for at least a browse. apparently there are a few other locations scattered across the country but no good online presence or i would include a link. it was very hip and now. lots of boyfriend jeans for girls and jeans for boyfriends. the slant of the store was a bit too modern for me, but The Boyfriend was quite pleased with his denim options. he ended up getting a new pair of evisu’s which you don’t find too often in seattle.

    overall? go. at least check it out once. it won’t be my new spot but if i’ve been to uvillage too recently and it’s a nice day it’ll be nice for window shopping in the open air. be forewarned though that the self parking entrance is off of 8th. yes, you will feel like you are going to end up on the 405 south on ramp, but the drive is there. it will look like you’re pulling into a valet area because you are, but if you turn directly to your right you’ll head towards the parking garage.

  9. twilight+jewelry=win!

    September 5, 2009 by thelillinator

    this is probably the closest any girl will actually get to having edward's mouth at her neck

    this is probably the closest any girl will actually get to having edward's mouth at her neck

    i think i initially saw this on an twilight saga feature but after checking out the rest of the site, i’m infatuated with jules smith jewelry. i am much like the entire tween market where i want to snap up as much merchandise about things i like as i can, and thanks to jules, this isn’t some cheesy team edward or team jacob shirt (not that i’m above wearing a team edward shirt with pride…but probably only to bed). it’s a pretty reasonable price point to0, so i’m going to get mine (in gunmetal) before the new moon premiere and wear it to the midnight showing with pride. not only does it easily identify whose team i’m on, it saves me from making a puffy paint shirt (who knew the stuff survived the 80s!) or wearing a shirt with kristen stewart, robert pattinson, or taylor lautner’s face printed on it (how gauche) to proclaim my obsession with twilight to the other fangirls out on November 20th. if you’ve been to any twilight event, you know what i’m talking about on the homemade t’s.

    comes in gold and silver, but i think gold is the winner

    i also really want this bracelet by jules smith. i’m not much of a bracelet person, but it looks fairly easy to put on by yourself and the chain somehow rides a good line between (a lil) hardcore and plain super cute.