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  1. baaaaadass

    November 12, 2009 by thelillinator

    i really wish this were a ring instead of a bracelet. love the crystals adorning the ram’s crown and eyes. the ridges and antiqueing on the bracelet itself keeps the look from going to gaudy.

    elizabeth cole rams head bracelet

  2. my precious…

    November 8, 2009 by thelillinator

    mayhaps not quite one ring to rule them all but is definitely eye-catching enough to rule me. oh, free people and your extremes of awesomeness and absolute ludicrousness. free people vintage cameo small ring

  3. deja vu

    November 2, 2009 by thelillinator

    when i went to ella mon’s second anniversary event the other weekend i saw an awesome answer to my eternal bracelet predicament. how do i easily put them on? i don’t know what the norm is, but for a long time when i was young i avoided watches because i found putting them on so cumbersome. i’ve since managed to get over it but i think it is likely only by virtue of the fact that i get to use my right hand to manipulate the watch onto my left wrist. therefore putting bracelets on my right wrist is a pain in the ass. and if i don’t have to fasten a bracelet closed then they’re bangles…just struggling to get them over my fist is too much. (i’m a lazy fashionista, aren’t i?) but ella mon had this cuff of bangles. that’s not the right way to describe it, but they go on with the simplicity of a cuff…oh bother. picture=1,000 words.

    cara couture gold bangle cuff

    anyways, the version ella mon had was a couple hundred dollars and since i was already dropping that on an organic cotton sweatshirt/dress/contraption, i wasn’t going to double down with the bracelet. however, on gilt fuse right now is something very similar for only $48! The Boyfriend admonished me when i posted about noir jewelry’s zoo. he said if i had let him know that i wanted those rings he would have gotten them for me (side note- saw the octopus ring at the anthropologie at the bravern. he would not buy me that one. then again, it is an octopus, not a cute hedgehog or panda). so you can trust that i will be harassing him as soon as this is posted to check out the site.

  4. noir jewelry- the cutest zoo ever

    October 22, 2009 by thelillinator

    the jewelry on pop up sales lately! my god! wantwantwantwantwant. i’m actually becoming a little bitter about the limited amount of time these sales are up. i should not cannot spend money on my wardrobe every other day!

    today it was noir jewelry on gilt fuse. thanks to this lil thing called “google” i found their site and found even more pieces to covet! i mean, who doesn’t want to wear a cute or scary animal as a crystal studded ring?

    noir jewelry pete the porcupine ringnoir jewelry jenny the panda ringnoir jewelry sally the shark ringnoir jewelry snake ring

    not at all to do with the animal theme, but i also really like this bow ring. only $65 if i decide to pick it up by 9pm.

    noir jewelry bow ring1noir jewelry bow ring2

  5. marquis and who?

    October 21, 2009 by thelillinator

    i’ve discovered two more pop up sale sites in the last couple of weeks, ideeli and billion dollar babes (of warehouse/sample sale fame), and while they’re bad news for my bank account, they’ve exposed me to some great labels i’ve never heard of before, like marquis & camus, which is about meldingĀ  vintage trinkets into wearable contemporary jewelry. i found some earrings and a necklace by marquis & camus on ideeli that i need to decide on by the end of tonight. this is why i need another jewelry stand.

    marquis and camus gun star earringsmarquis and camus 3 chain teardrop necklace

  6. i need a new jewelry stand

    October 19, 2009 by thelillinator

    my oversized necklaces, oversized rings, and long dangly earrings have finally amassed to the point where i need more jewelry storage. they’re currently scattered about the top of my dresser, fairly well organized for the rings and necklaces (ah, dustbags, or whatever baby versions for jewelry are called) but my earrings are a tangled mess. paige, over at purely paige jewelry posted a link to a unique feather-quills-in-sand-filled-vase jewelry stand from pottery barn that reminded me that there are pretty ways to organize and display your jewelry. the stands exist for more than store displays alone! i don’t have that much room on my dresser for a stand and a wall mounted one isn’t an option because i’m short, my dresser’s tall, and straining to reach an accessory too early in the morning most likely means i just will go without.

    i’ve narrowed down my options to these, the key being a place to hang earrings, the best part being they’re all under $60. thoughts?

    i like the dishes that can hold rings or studs and the edges of the dishes can have earrings hang off of them

    i like the dishes that can hold rings or studs and the edges of the dishes can have earrings hang off of them

    the most promising choices are from urban outfitters:

    urban outfitters spinning bird jewelry stand

    comes in white as well, but i am really digging the blue

    again, nice to have the flat space but this one doesn't spin

    flat space is a good thing but this one doesn't spin

  7. random cambria cove

    October 13, 2009 by thelillinator

    antigua crystal earrings goldin a nice twist of mass mailing list buying, i randomly got a catalog for cambria cove. never heard of them before but i like what i see so far. they call themselves “the exceptional gift experience” to give you an idea of what they sell. it’s everything from jewelry to home fragrance, stationary to tableware. pieces i found of particular note (aka my birthday is just a lil over a month away):

    antigua crystal earrings in gold by virgins, saints, and angels (um, awesome name!) the ornate 24k gold shield over the swarovski crystal gives some edge to feminine drop earrings

    archangel cuff goldarchangel cuff, also by virgins, saints, and angels. i must be having a gold moment. and a bracelet moment even though i don’t wear them. maybe if someone buys it for me, i will! again, it’s the contrast between the big bad cuff and the delicate, intricate scrollwork that sweeps me away into the fairytale land that i like to pretend life should be.

    antigua horizontal pendant silverlast but not least the in the jewelry department is the antigua horizontal pendant, once again, by virgins, saints, and angels. it’s not as ornate as the other offerings i’ve mentioned, but maybe it’s that simplicity that’s appealing. the clarity of the single large crystal is the focal point and it suggests that vsa is no one trick pony. i’m going to need to do some research on these folks because i like them. i really really like them.

    when i wandered over to the travel and home section i ipouch walletfound the clever lil ipouch wallet by knomo. right now in my big herkin bag, i carry a small evening size skull and crossbone embroidered bag to slip out of the carryall with the essentials for the quick jaunt for either lunch, coffee, or errand. however, i have to carry my iphone separately since it’s more trouble than it’s worth to try to make it fit into my purse. even so, this is far better than what i see my coworkers do; carrying clutches (which i find so unfunctional to carry around) or a myriad of different tidbits separately that they need for a short trip to the food court, i.e. wallet, phone, and badge. the ipouch nearly solves for all of that. it fits an iphone or blackberry, has slots for your essential cards/ids/badges, and even has a coin compartment, which since barely anyone uses cash anymore, you can stick a small chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss into, i’m sure. the best part is the fact that this all-in-0ner also has a bracelet lanyard attachment so you can sling it around your wrist whilst you juggle your coffee and pastry with both hands.

  8. spontaneous jewelry

    October 12, 2009 by thelillinator

    jcrew victoria ringmy iphone was giving me trouble so i made a trip out to uvillage to get it fixed (btw, if you haven’t updated in the last 2 days, DO IT NOW). while waiting i stopped into j.crew to browse. surprise surprise, i found a few things that i liked.

    i already have the frances cami but did you know that they now have a frances tuxedo shirt, which has sleeves? just in time for the cold! i did end up passing on it since i didn’t want my closet to become too repetitive. i think because i watched the rachel zoe accessories segment on qvc the other day, i was really drawn to j.crew’s big bold jewelry.

    jcrew crystal thornbush earringsi tried on the jeweled garland bracelet in butterscotch. so cute! if i were a bracelet person i would have snapped it up. if it was a little smaller that would have helped as well. it didn’t fall right off, but i could see someway, somehow, it falling off. instead, i went with the victoria ring (which The Boyfriend will absolutely hate) and crystal thornbush earrings (also in butterscotch, although it wasn’t available online). i was a little torn on the earrings because the black stones will get lost in my dark hair but i thought the rose gold setting would set off the stones enough in my hair.

    i’ll probably wear the ring to work so i don’t have to endure The Boyfriend’s ridicule, but i’m hoping to get him to take me to crush for urban eats and i think that would be the perfect setting to debut the earrings. hint hint. wink wink. nudge nudge. hit over head.

  9. why is a giant tin of popcorn considered an adequate holiday gift?

    October 7, 2009 by thelillinator

    nm customized cupcake carthe neiman marcus christmas book came out yesterday. per the usual there were some outlandish offerings like his and hers aircraft and, um, cupcake cars. they even went as pedestrian as a tin of popcorn (seriously, explain that one to me). here is my christmas list are my highlights.nm ugg embossed metallic ankle boot

    a couple of things that are actually feasible are the metallic embossed ankle high uggs (i don’t need another pair…but they’re metallic…and i don’t have a natural colored pair…). i think it’s because i’m still searching for the perfect pair. i’ve got 2 pairs of knee high uggs, one that i wear schlepping outside in the mornings with the pups, and one that are a bit more snow bunny and i like to wear with skirts/dresses or skinny jeans/leggings. i’ve also got a pair of short uggs that i had hoped would free me of any tightness around my calves, but surprisingly they are of no help in that arena. these uggs with the button look more flexible. oh, and i’ve got a pair of the cardys that i haven’t worn yet. maybe i’ll break them out tomorrow. i should do that before the weather turns too soggy to wear them outside. must now ponder outfit possibilities…

    nm gucci wool scarvesmore than the uggs though, i want a gucci scarf! i’ve paid around $200+ for my burberry cashmere scarf, so i’m okay with the price point, but i do take some exception to the fact that this gucci scarf isn’t even cashmere! boo hiss. but i guess the black on grey logo makes up for it. ;)

    nm nambe vasesa couple other things “within reach” but are pretty low on my priority list are these nambe vases (i like the round one the best) since i rarely keep any fresh flowers around. when The Boyfriend and i were selling our place in queen anne, i kept a bouquet of fresh flowers around, and while i recognize it was a really nice touch…fresh flowers are expensive (and messy) to keep up! whatevs, are these vases considered modern? if they are, that’s how i like modern; in small doses.

    nm iphone casethe other trinket i liked was a very chic lil iphone case that instantly made me go, “oooh!” it completely encloses your iphone, disguising any fashionista’s inner technophile so that it looks like she’s just carrying around another wallet/clutch. so yeah, thinking about it that way makes this case seem completely awesome and must-have. however, after getting past the initial “oooh!” reaction, i realized this is completely impractical. how annoying would it be to have to open up the case every time you get a phone call to check the caller id? further, the photo doesn’t give you any sort of inkling of whether or not the case’s hinge allows the front cover to be folded back while actually speaking on the phone. or perhaps the assumption is that you would already have your bluetooth earpiece enabled? and if that is true, wtf? walking around with an earpiece completely negates any chic points earned by this case. fashion+function, designers!

    nm matthew campbell laurenza banglesso, i am not a bracelet person but this turquoise on black color scheme on these matthew campbell enamel bangles is really appealing. i’m especially fond of the second from the bottom with the big wave on it. not more-than-a-grand fond, but more like admire-from-afar-as-pretty-art fond. oy.

    my absolute winner for this year’s christmas book? this red and black houndstooth alexander mcqueen sweater dress (that is somehow only a few hundred dollars more than one of those darned bracelets!). and how nice is it that the houndstooth pattern contours the waist and bustline to flatter one’s silhouette in (what i find to be) the notoriously uncomplimentary fit of knits. but if anyone feels like spending $1,600 on this dress for me, i’ll work my booty off to make sure i look good in it!

    nm alexander mcqueen dress

  10. my shopping’s on broadway

    October 3, 2009 by thelillinator

    urban outfitters cigarette casei took my first pole dancing class today! i like the pace of the class; it’s slow enough that i learned to do my first spin but not so slow i was bored. one of my fellow pole dancers was nice enough (i think) to say that i looked like a natural doing the spin. between seeing fame last night and the pole dancing class this morning, i really want to get back into dance. up until college i took several different types of dance classes for most of my life. i wish i hadn’t gotten out of the habit. it’ll probably be hard during q4, but i hope to make time to take some classes.

    urban outfitters wrapped snake earringsanyways, after pole dancing, i had a nice brunch at dilettante’s (beef goulash crepe=so good!) and then did a lil shopping while cruising broadway. my martin + osa dress was ready for pick up at the ups store (i still don’t understand why i picked up my fedex package at the ups store rather than fedex kinko’s), so i went there first then dipped into urban outfitters after looking at all the halloween costumes in various store windows and discovering a cheap generically named nail place on broadway to replace my cheap generically named nail place i used to go to when i still live in queen anne.

    i wasn’t looking for anything in particular at urban and yet somehow found a pair of really cool snake “hoop” earrings and what i think is supposed to be a cigarette holder, but i am going to repurpose as a business card case. i especially like that you can store cards (or cigarettes) on both sides. on one side i’m going to keep my own business cards and on the other, i’m going to store cards i get. win!

    true blood merlottes bar tshirtafter urban, i went to qfc, which is wholly uninteresting, so i’m going to skip to the stop at hot topic. hot topic also has new moon merchandise available so i had to check it all out. too bad it was all basically taking the movie posters and printing them on tshirts, lunchboxes, etc. lame! the only thing that wasn’t exactly a wearable movie poster was a replica of the dress that bella wears on her birthday at the beginning of the movie done in cheap taffeta. boo hiss. however, they also had some true blood merchandise, which was much better. there were a couple of true blood tshirts but more importantly, there were fangtasia and merlotte’s tshirts! specifically, these are the tshirts that can be seen on the show and are described in the books. i am now ready to fill the latest waitress opening at merlotte’s. you know, for when i move to louisiana and stumble into a vampires-are-real storyline.