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  1. showing some skin

    March 19, 2010 by thelillinator

    because of pole i’ve got all sorts of bruises and burns (pole, floor). the ones on my arm i’m okay with but now that i’m getting better at climbing the pole, the ones on my legs are becoming more numerous and noticeable, which is bad news as spring and summer approach. did you know that arnica is supposed to help reduce bruising? neither did i until a couple days ago when i was perusing instyle’s 10 things to… articles. i started with 10 things to take better pictures and ended up on 10 things to look better naked. one was about reducing discoloration or bruises and they featured goldfaden’s arnica and vitamin k healing cream. i have no idea if it really works and i’m not sure if i’m willing to simply try it out at $75 but it gives me hope.

    i’ve done a little bit of research and it turns out that arnica gel is something that if i can’t find at a drugstore, i can at least go to a health food store to get. i’m going to try this first and see how well it works before investing more into goldfaden’s fancy version.

  2. i LOVE books of shadows!

    February 8, 2010 by thelillinator

    if you know me at all, you know i’m an escapist. i absolutely love to lose myself in fantasy (from the genre itself to realistic fiction that always ends in happily ever after) when i don’t have to concentrate on work the real world . i am especially fond of magic (there was this whole phase i went through once with minerals and herbs…) so urban decay’s collaboration with disney on an eye palette for the soon to be released alice in wonderland just tickled me with its name, book of shadows. how literally, thematically, and personally spot on is that name?!?! clearly i’m a bit behind because i’ve checked a couple places and it’s already sold out but i’m hopeful that since the movie hasn’t even released yet, and promotion is just starting its upswing, more books of shadows will be available soon.

    note to anyone else who’s seriously interested in this make up set, these are not new colors created especially for the movie’s release, they are just renamed colors that fit the alice in wonderland theme quite aptly. but since i don’t own that much urban decay and it’s been at least a year since i’ve introduced new colors into my makeup arsenal i feel like this kit is kind of perfect for me.

  3. it’s the most wonderful time of the year

    December 4, 2009 by thelillinator

    tonight was a good night. i went to duque spa and salon for their shimmer beauty bar grand opening and the downtown seattle nordstrom private shopping event. food, drink, and other goodies make the world go round, in my opinion.

    Duque_Salonso for those who don’t know, duque just opened shimmer beauty bar, a space dedicated to making your face pretty. they cover make up, facial waxing, and lash extensions. duque, just around the corner on ballard avenue, provides hair and other spa services as well as an assortment of jewelry, cute undies, and a few clothing items. i haven’t had my hair done there, although my swag bag did include a coupon for a discount on hair services. what i have done with the duque family is discover my new home for lash extensions. heather is their make up artist/last extension maven and i love her. her fill prices are reasonable, she’s available until 6pm on weekdays that the salon is open, and she has a great attention to detail (*so* important for lash extensions). it doesn’t hurt that she’s cute and fun to talk to; makes you want to really be friends with her. they were offering a few free services tonight for their opening, but heather had a line several people deep and i didn’t want to wait nor to be rushed through any sort of hair removal process (ouch!) so i took off relatively quickly.

    cullen crest vneckthe most anticipated part of the evening was the nordstrom private shopping event. i look forward to this all year long. there’s champangne, food, 10x as many points on purchases with your nordstrom card…now the first private shopping event i went to included a few other people and consuming so much champagne that the only other thing i remember about that night is falling over and bruising my bum. since those days of my youth, i’ve continued to anticipate each of these annual events though i haven’t had as much “fun”. tonight i didn’t even buy anything for myself beyond exchanging my new moon t-shirt for a bigger and better left unsaid size. i guess considering how much online shopping i’ve been doing for myself over the last few days that’s good news, but i still felt somewhat deprived. i started trolling the cosmetics department looking for someone to woo my into buying a pretty new thing. alas, The Boyfriend dragged me out before i did any damage. see? i really can’t not shop.

  4. must. use. neiman marcus. gift card. now.

    September 24, 2009 by thelillinator


    for the neiman marcus opening in the bravern, the company was nice enough to send me a $50 gift card (i’m a lil afraid of how they found out how to target me). however, it expires at the end of the month and i’ve still not bought anything!!! i’m actually feeling a lil bit desperate. i’ve trolled through the site a bit and nothing’s really stood out to me other than that marc by marc jacobs petal to the metal sasha bag, which i didn’t see the last time i went to the actual store. i’m starting to lean towards just getting something in the cosmetics area so i can use the damn card. i definitely think that on the 30th (payday) i’ll be making a mad dash out to bellevue to see if maaaaaybe the bag is there and i can put the gift card towards something i actually want. (and you thought i was kidding when i said i had a problem…)

  5. rue la la vs. gilt groupe

    September 21, 2009 by thelillinator

    adam midnight and sun sateen tank dressinterestingly enough i saw the same adam¬†dress on rue la la and gilt groupe. i haven’t decided yet if it makes a difference that the dress came off rue la la last night and just went onto gilt groupe this morning, but i thought it was single eyebrow raising that gilt is selling it for ($10) more than rue la la. do with that what you will.

  6. extended edition

    September 20, 2009 by thelillinator

    eyelashesyay! i got my first eyelash extension fills yesterday! i’ve had my initial set for 3 weeks now and i LOVE having extensions. they save me from feeling oh so gross/drab every morning when i wake up cuz BAM! i’ve got big glamorous lashes already! for anyone who is seriously considering getting them, i would highly recommend going to lady lam. i went there for my initial set and christine was considerate and talked me through all the steps and was extremely thorough in making sure my lashes looked perfect before i left. an initial set costs $115, which isn’t bad considering the going rate in the marketplace. one bad thing though is that she’s out in the middle of nowhere aka the renton highlands. you could also try adore in chinatown, where i went for my fills because they are 1. way closer and 2. somewhat cheaper. however, it’s just not quite as nice. i mean, i got all my lashes on and it was $1/minute, but that extra care to ensure that the lashes actually look good when you walk out the door wasn’t taken. some of my lashes dried sideways or curled down and it took me about half an hour to 45 minutes to fix them. you do get what you pay for, so i’m thinking the next time i’m a lil short on cash i’ll go back to adore, but will likely go back to lady lam if cash flow isn’t a problem.

    ea red door spa logoafterwards, i went over to the eastside again, this time hitting up both the bravern (where the self park was an absolute mess! it’s like they’re really trying to drive you to using the valet) and bellevue square. anthropologie had that plaid vest i posted earlier. that whole waist definition thing i was hoping for didn’t work out so well on me. (ah well.) the plenty by tracy reese coat still wasn’t in. (and i continue to wait.) dna 2050 had the husbands of the real housewives of orange county. not for real, but whereas last week there were young hip people in the store buying young hip clothes, yesterday there were middle-aged-salon-tanned-and-frosted men buying clothes that screamed, “trying too hard.” oh bellevue and your overdone population. the one good thing that came out of the trip was finding out the elizabeth arden red door spa has a “warm welcome” package good through november 15th. you can pick either a signature facial or massage, a warm cream manicure or a shampoo and blow out, and you get a make up refresher all for $120! for anyone who’s gotten a massage or facial, you know that you usually come out of them feeling nice, but you’re hair’s a mess and you certainly cannot go about your day straight from the spa. well, i’m superexcited about it and hope to be going in the next couple of weeks. take advantage peeps!

    martin and osa ponte dressover at bellevue square i got the new longer length sherpa hoodie from j.crew that happened to be on special for an extra $10 off. score! i also picked up a black matte and metallic striped scarf that i’ve had my eye on for awhile. amazingly enough, i do not have a black scarf at all. how remiss of me. so glad i took care of that problem today. i also stopped by martin + osa (older sibling to american eagle, if you didn’t know) where The Boyfriend was going hog wild on button up shirts. they have a special going on “through at least sunday” (their imprecise words, not mine) where if you spend $75 or more you get 20% off. i happened upon this super cute dress and they had one left in my size. unfortunately it had the zipper from hell and wouldn’t even zip up on the hanger! now i’m hoping i can get one of the two units that seem to be left on the east coast in the morning. (circumstances may not actually be that dire as the cashier said there were no units left online, but i’m looking right now, and apparently there are!) wish me luck!

  7. luna twilight

    September 15, 2009 by thelillinator

    luna twilight body glowpre-ordering for the luna twilight cosmetics line has started on nordstrom. orders will be shipped out starting on october 26th.

    edward sparkles

    "i hate glowing," thought edward to himself.

    i think the creators of the line either have a really good sense of humor or haven’t seen twilight. don’t get me wrong. i obsessed over love the books and think robert pattinson is pretty damn good looking, but there were some really cheesy components to that movie; the makeup, unfortunately being one of the big ones. thus i hope luna twilight didn’t manufacture a lot of the body glow or the “first light” face glow because if they did…wow, someone showed some really poor judgment there.¬† even with all of fan(g)girldom’s combined love for edward, no one in their right mind (and yes, i’m sure there’s a fair share of them that are not) wants to look like edward in the sun.