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  1. from the alpha to the eau mega

    October 21, 2009 by thelillinator

    i got the new nordstrom catalog in the mail today and there’s a sample of viktor & rolf’s newest fragrance, eau mega, and i likes! i’m horrible at trying to describe perfumes, but i’d guess it’s floral and a bit spicy? i’ve wanted to get viktor & rolf’s flowerbomb for quite some time, but it was really more about the bottle than the fragrance. too bad for me the reverse is true for eau mega. the bottle is kind of boring. (i bought the lolita lempke perfume based on just the bottle. if i collected perfumes and displayed them it would have made sense, but i always thought there was a bit of sour undertone to that fragrance…or maybe just on me…)

    viktor and rolf eau mega

  2. a lil something for the fellas

    September 9, 2009 by thelillinator

    that sars mask is leather and is for sale. for $200.

    this sars mask is made of leather. blackbird sells it. for $200

    i thought today i would write about guy stuff since my first week of posts have been unabashedly girly. i mean, i turned The Boyfriend into a good lil consumer like myself after about a year (he is now quickly catching up to me on number of shoes and jeans), so i had to give him some guidance at the beginning and he still values my opinion (or at least pretends to). therefore i think i have a legitimate platform from which to speak on the topic of boy clothes.

    one store we like a lot in the city is blackbird up in ballard. it’s got a very hipster vibe and can be a bit pricey but if you catch a sale it’s so worth it. they actually participated in the boutique culture warehouse sale recently up at the fremont studios, which was an interesting event. a bit spare in decor and organization but one of those places where if you’ve got the patience to dig you can find some real good deals. hopefully they’ll participate again in december (location tbd). anyways, my friend got a cool tshirt that had an illustration of a knife stabbing into the shirt (over the heart) and a small dribble of blood falling from the wound. i think between that shirt and the mask pictured above, you should get a pretty good sense of the store’s aesthetic.

    kzo bretto shirtwhile browsing their site (because they do have girl’s clothes…i just don’t like them very much), i saw this wtf shirt by kzo. they call it the bretto shirt, but i mean seriously, the shirt folds in on itself if you just want to carry it around (heaven forbid the return of a flannel tied around one’s waist!) or if you are more conventional and wear the shirt, you’ve got an insta-backpack! too bad on sale it’s still over $200 but it’s kind of like an infomercial. it slices! it dices! it has removable layers! (only that last one is true.)

    joya candlemoving on, the dark disposition of the clothes at blackbird coupled with the fact that it got dark at 8pm, so now i definitely know summer’s over, made me think of some candles that i’ve been mildly obsessed with for the past year. joya’s collaboration with ceramic design artist sarah cihat produced these not-at-all-girly-and-actually-pretty-badass candles that smell and look good. they pair some unconventional scents (pomegranate white pepper) with tonal graphics on either black or white open ended dodecahedral (i’m guessing. i’m really not going to count how many sides are on this candle) holder/molds. i can’t even remember what the scent of mine is, but it’s light and clean and it has a skull with crossed swords on it! i keep checking to see if these will go on sale because i could easily spend hundreds of dollars on these candles since i want each one, but alas, they do not. but hey…my birthday is coming up in a couple of months. feel free to send me one. ;)