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  1. housekeeping

    June 13, 2012 by thelillinator

    i’ll be honest. i really need to do this just to get rid of the many many MANY tabs i’ve been keeping open for new lululemon items. The Husband tells me my browser will work better if i don’t keep as many tabs open as i do. just in case he’s right, here’s what i’m currently coveting (and this doesn’t even count new colorways of the in stride jacket or vinyasa scarf!). let’s be clear though, regardless of if an item has “run”, “meditate”, or “bike” in its title, i will not subject myself to those sorts of torture. it’s purely to, during, and from pole for me!

    hot ‘n sweaty short

    centered energy bra

    city practice pant

    run in the sun long sleeve

    hot but not tank

    enlightened pullover

    my mantra long sleeve

    inner heart bra

    run in the sun pullover

    wunder under crop in deep indigo

    heat the street onesie

    polocrosse pant

    wandering yogi crop

    my mantra short sleeve

    diversity wunder under crop

    run for your money jumper

    run bound bra

  2. colorblockage

    April 23, 2012 by thelillinator

    who knew that combining two things i wasn’t that crazy about would make a killer dress? i’m talking about herve leger’s ubiquitous bandage dress and color blocking. i’ve always been too scared to wear the body con bandage dress (though i suppose that’s what spanx are for) and i neither get color blocking nor do i like it when i see it. i mean, at its core, if i wore a pair of jeans and a solid colored plain t-shirt, aren’t i still rocking the color blocking trend? really? anyways, i’m digging how herve leger has cleverly turned color blocking into visual camouflage for the hyper body con (get it? tee hee) to feel more comfortable in.

  3. 7 month itch

    April 20, 2012 by thelillinator

    can i already be nostalgic over my wedding that was only a lil over seven months ago? apparently so! free people has a body con dress w/lace sleeves and an open back, much like my wedding dress did (though my sleeves were cap, not 3/4 length). come to think of it, i really should try to get more use out of that nubra i bought for my wedding. that does it, for the sake of making my nubra an economic purchase, i must get this free people dress! all in favor?

    p.s. one of my wedding colors was navy, so the fact that this dress comes in navy on makes it more perfect!

  4. brrr! it’s cold in here!

    January 22, 2012 by thelillinator

    i need some free people in my atmosphere!

    it’s gotten fairly chilly here in san francisco and i stared into my closet the other day to figure out how i used to stay warm in seattle without wearing sweatshirts everyday. somehow i was staring right through my sweater stack. i have no idea why. but it made me realize that with the exception of a hoodie, i haven’t really had to anything to the keep-me-warm section of my wardrobe. as it’s now more than half way through january, that’s not too bad, huh? (just to be clear, the growth of my wardrobe is a function of the passage of time, not its current contents.) however, with that realization came an itch to add a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ and i found it at free people.

    i’m not sure why they call this a cropped sweater because i’m assuming that the model is 5’9″+ and it looks like it could be pulled down to the top of her hips. it looks cozy without being overly bulky, kinda sexy/playful with the off the shoulder action, but i think the horizontal ribbing really makes it because it’s that one unexpected touch that makes me go, “ooooh”. the only downside i see with this sweater is that it only comes in grey and a darkish blue. i feel like ALL of my sweaters are either charcoal or heather grey! and i have often been falling into the trap of wearing navy tops with dark denim and justifying it away as a “monochromatic look” instead of admitting that really i’m just lazy. not that i have any particular color i’d like to see it in instead. maybe cream and that’s really not that much more interesting than grey, is it?

  5. mad hord

    December 10, 2011 by thelillinator

    i went shopping with a friend today and i not only love her taste, i love that she has this perfect tiny body that makes dressing up easy and fun. (i mean, yes, i would love it more if *i* had the perfect tiny body, but watching her play dress up was pretty fun too.) we both appreciate a (maybe not so) healthy dose a glitter and sparkle but also like the raw, deconstructed look of ripped sweaters and leather. (i’d also like to point out that the last sentence pretty much sums up one of the outfits she bought: sparkly sequined shorts and an oversized sweater with slashed sleeves.) she, however, is way more hard core than i am. so much so that i must call her hord core- there just needs to be so much emphasis on the “hard” that italics, bolding, and underlining doesn’t convey.

    anyways, so now i’m in the mood for some really rockin’ clothes! i saw these snake print denim leggings by ag that i’m kinda loving. the dark green of the jeans is a lil fresh but dark enough that the snake print appears as more of a subtle hint than a full blown OMG-is-she-wearing-snake-pants?! maybe paired with some matte or black on black sequin action on top?

  6. versace for h&m

    October 21, 2011 by thelillinator

    so pictures of the whole versace for h&m line have been released. gotta say…it’s a bit of a mess but i did find a few pieces that i actually really like. i assume that now i’m in a bigger city i only have to withstand the lines to get at the collection and not the travel AND the lines. if i’m lucky, the versace fans will find the pieces i like too boring (there are so many prints in the collection!) and leave them behind for me.

  7. oooh, sparkly

    September 30, 2011 by thelillinator

    omg, while i was out on the 2nd hottest day all summer in san francisco i saw the CUTEST winter coat by gryphon. i love everything about it. a sewn in cropped sequin hoodie? yes, please! navy? haven’t gotten over it from last year! TWO sets of pockets (flap and slit ones)? i can leave my purse at home for quick yet still glamorous jaunts out of the house!

  8. so wrong yet so right

    June 15, 2011 by thelillinator

    i pole dance therefore i get bruises. i am short therefore maxi dresses tend to overwhelm me. these two things make my life difficult. if i were taller i could hide my bruised legs under the myriad of maxi choices this summer but twas not meant to be. alas, i find this dress particularly pretty (the draping!) but will not get it because i would likely look silly and i’m not willing to spend $400 just to try something on. le sigh.

  9. time is on my side

    June 2, 2011 by thelillinator

    so i’ve moved to san francisco because The Fiance got a new job down here. i’m still waiting for all my clothes and furniture to arrive. i would love to start nesting but i have nothing to nest with! the closest i’m getting for the next few days is that i nested one of the dog beds into a patio chair so i could sit on something mildly comfortable!

    in the mean time, i have less than 3 months until my wedding! but here in sf i’m playing suzie homemaker so i can spend all my time thinking about the wedding (which is back up in seattle. we made it a destination wedding for ourselves). i’m currently debating on what to do with my wardrobe during the reception. at first i thought that maybe i would get a short and sassy dress to wear during the rehearsal dinner and then wear it during the reception. then i started feeling really down about rehearsal/reception dress options (mostly due to betsey johnson and her ridiculously small running size scale) so then i convinced myself that i should just wear the wedding gown during the reception too because otherwise i’ll be wearing it for all of 15 minutes (we’re planning a short ceremony). but i still need a rehearsal dinner dress, right?

    i found a couple options on anthropologie-owned-wedding-focused bhldn. i’ve been perusing the site since their launch but the selection had been too limited until recently. what do you think of these?


    the twirled sweetheart dress is reasonably priced under $250 and the light color is bridal without screaming it from the rooftops. i love the sweetheart neckline and the trailing bow in the back. bhldn also has a cute little bolero (with more bows!) that would go very well with it. now i’m just trying to decide if the lighter colored one or the darker colored one would be better? i’m thinking maybe the darker one since it could pick up some of the floral pattern of the dress? and the light oneĀ  may not be a perfect match?

    and then one other option, which ties well with my actually wedding gown because of all the lace is below. the only problem i really see is that it will definitely need to be hemmed. it’ll probably hit a weird point on my calf since i’m so short.

  10. leather

    December 18, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’ve been kind of obsessed with leather jackets lately. The Fiance got me a leather jacket from aritzia for my birthday. it was a nice greige color, kind of in the vein of a motorcycle jacket, and so so so soft. surprise, surprise- i want more! so this new jacket of mine, it’s by mackage for aritzia. before aritzia i’d never heard of mackage so i was pretty sure that it was just another house label. wrong-o. in case you’re ignorant like i was, let me show you the light.

    mackage specializes in outerwear, leather and wool, and also offers some accessories and clothing. well i poked around and found that “more” i wanted in the shape of the kimberly jacket. it’s quite similar to the mackage for aritzia jacket i have except the kimberly has a little bit more seam detailing at the shoulders and it has THUMBHOLES! if every long sleeved article of clothing i had came with thumbholes it wouldn’t be enough. needless to say, i’m drooling over this one. the blue petrol color is a great option, i think. it’s not your standard black or brown and now that i’ve collected some khaki, grey, and olive pants, i wouldn’t be limited to monochromatic look with my current leather jacket. it’s probably unreasonable to want this for christmas so i’m hoping there will be a post-holiday sale in which i can partake.