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  1. forever trendy

    August 11, 2012 by thelillinator

    i can’t really remember why i even wandered over to today but i did and now i want, i want, I WANT!

    now i’m still not entirely sure where i stand on the whole romper issue as a whole, but i am sure i like this one. but i think i only like it on the model. i don’t think i could pull off the peter pan collar…or really anything that’s higher than a scoop neck. and i’m getting really confused about the waistline thing. i used to swear up and down by empire waists. now that i’ve dropped a few sizes, i feel like empire waists make me look pregnant. maybe i should give drop waists another try, but…i thought it made me look even boxier than normal. what other waistlines are out there?

    one sure way to define my waistline would be with peplum…while this blazer kind of reminds me of miami vice, i really like the polka dot lining and the pleated back. but i would definitely skip the matching suit shorts.

    in the forever 21 outfits feature, where they display fully styled outfits paired the blazer with the dress below. i’m not sure if that shade of tan would work on me but the black breaking up the line of tan to body certainly helps, as does the pop of color from the blazer. i hope i can find this dress in the stores so i can try it on and see how it actually looks.

    these are just cute lacy shorts that are less than $15. $15! i am absolutely amazed at all the shorts that are out there that cost just as much as a full pair of pants. call me crazy, but at some point, when there’s less fabric involved, the cost should reflect it.

    and then there was another cut out, fishtail/high-low hem dress. i think it’s the polka dot pattern on the skirt that really makes this one a winner. it’s also nice that the cut outs are more strategically placed so that you could actually wear a bra with the dress. ;)

  2. welcome to paradise

    August 9, 2012 by thelillinator

    allsaints is promoting their new fall lookbook and i’ve particularly taken to their paradise print. instead of tropical flora, paradise to allsaints is a peacock/peasant feather print, which sounds pretty fabulous to me! (though i do think they really meant peahen, since the amber color way is in brown/tan tones and peacocks are the colorful ones- and oddly, the tank comes in a blue color way that is more traditionally peacocky but i don’t like it as much. looks kinda tie dyed to me.) now, i wouldn’t wear the skirt and the tank together, nor would i even get both, but i haven’t yet decided on which one i like better. i’m going to guess i’ll end up with the tank because i have such a hard time wearing skirts but maybe i’ll challenge myself! we’ll see…

  3. no running allowed

    August 8, 2012 by thelillinator

    another day, another item from lulu. amazingly, another running item that i won’t run in! what i love about this one is the cut out on the back and how it’s also open. and i actually like that there’s no built in bra because that means i can wear a sports bra underneath it for days when i am going to the studio for back to back pole/dance/flexibility classes. i hope they keep this one around for awhile and do it in more colors; i’d start collecting them!

  4. i got a thing for navy blue dresses

    August 3, 2012 by thelillinator

    while unpacking from the last move (to LA. i’m not sure if i ever mentioned here that we moved from san francisco to los angeles at the beginning of june!), i noticed that a lot of my dresses are black, which is no surprise for most women, but the next biggest color is navy. i’m not sure why navy over, say, grey, which i would think is the next common neutral. but it seems that i’m not done w/navy. there’s a new dress out at free people that i saw first in ivory, and thought was nice, but then saw the navy and i swooned. all the curlicues on the white seems too close to bridal but on the navy they pop more! i’m not sure if it’ll be flattering on my figure at all, but i like it!

  5. come on back off

    July 26, 2012 by thelillinator

    black milk had a big release last night- the nylon wars ep. 1 (ep. 2 to come in a couple weeks) and it was cool cuz that’s mostly what black milk is, but i wasn’t in love with anything (i fear i might have missed “my” launch. there is a lot of cool stuff that they did in the past but no longer stock that you can see here) except for a pair of shoes that they styled with some of the items. if you peruse the site enough, you’ll see that i’m not the only one who has noticed the awesome shoes their stylists choose. there’s actually a section that shouts out as their shoe provider, with the brand of choice being jeffrey campbell (of course). black milk actually has a pop up shop, complete with the black milk x jeffrey campbell collabo, that just launched last week at the solestruck store in portland, or. i was muy sad that i couldn’t make it. i’d love to try on a pair of leggings to figure out what size i am.

    anyways, back to these wonderful shoes. in typical jeffrey campbell fashion, there is a platform and there is a covered wedge. the back off, though, calls out its platform by using a silver material to highlight it. love it! i don’t love the photography from the solestruck detail page so i’m using a pic from black milk that features these awesome shoes (and one of the leggings that i actually do like from this launch). it comes in some bolder color ways, but they’re all too loud for me. i like the simplicity of the black and silvers because the silver detail that i love so much doesn’t get drowned out by a big bold color.

  6. michi vs black milk

    July 17, 2012 by thelillinator

    thanks to some brilliant marketing (and seeing them on a friend…who lives in another city hours away so i can totally bite her style), i am completely enamored with the michi illusion pant. the brilliant marketing being the “angular mesh inserts that create a slimming effect” on the legs. michi is actually supposed to be workout gear, but when it’s this pretty, i doubt i would wear it to work out; not even to pole. that being said, do you think that the black milk sheer spartans (2nd picture) have enough of (at all?) the same “slimming effect”? (the pic of the leggings with the gold inserts is just to provide a better front view.) even with shipping all the way from australia, the black milks are about half the cost of the michis. i probably would wear them the same amount to pole, which is to say pretty much not at all…but you know…on that off chance…

    michi illusion pant

    black milk sheer spartans

    black milk liquids gold spartans

  7. i need more tail

    July 13, 2012 by thelillinator

    i got a fishtail skirt from zara the other day. i love it and have already received spontaneous compliments from strangers! so now, of course, i must have more! i’ve been perusing jeffrey campbell and black milk pretty heavily lately (more on black milk later) and it’s put me in a rock kind of mood. with that in mind, i headed over to to take a look at what’s new because, you know, similar aesthetic but not always gonna break the bank. and whatdyaknow but i found some lovely tops with fishtail hems (that would look lovely with some black milk leggings)! all i can really do is *squee* over them. enjoy.

    while this is not another fishtail top, it is a top and it is from nasty gal and i do think it needs to be mine. bam!

  8. fetish?

    July 9, 2012 by thelillinator

    i went shopping a couple weeks ago with a new friend from france and i didn’t realize it, but apparently i felt every piece of leather clothing we came across. she asked me if i liked leather and i responded that i did. that’s when she pointed out my touchy feely habit. how weird that i never noticed! i love the idea of wearing leather clothing (not all at once though) but i always hesitate from pulling the trigger on a purchase because not only are they a serious wallet investment, but i feel like they make a serious statement about your personality. that’s right, personality, not just style…which granted, are intertwined but i don’t necessarily think my love of lace says much about my personality. but leather- leather is just so primal! it says, “i’m raw, i’m badass, i’m hardcore, so deal with me or leave me alone, bitches.” and i want to be that person. maybe i’ll grow into that person, but up until now leather clothing just hasn’t quite suited me. even this awesome vegan “leather” shirt gives me pause! i think the model looks relaxed and just a lil badass (i should be able to pull that much off, right?!) but the thought of actually incorporating it into my wardrobe scares me! oy!

    le sigh. you know, i didn’t even own a proper leather jacket until a year or two ago! i guess until i can manage to grow a pair, leather shoes will have to suffice. these jeffrey campbells are no slouch in making up for my wussiness! i generally like to save any clear plastic bits on shoes for pole, but i really like the idea of this floating gladiator look. and i’m not sure exactly what it is about the cutout in the wedge, but there’s something different about it than most other cutouts that i like. i usually don’t appreciate that bit of open sole but it works on this shoe.

  9. please make a girl’s dream come true

    July 2, 2012 by thelillinator

    i want this to be a knee-ish length dress. do you hear me, unnamed designer that sells to anthropologie? that is all.

  10. best cut out yet

    June 18, 2012 by thelillinator

    there’s a lot of cut out stuff out there right now. and a lot of it is not realistically wearable. maybe just for me. i don’t doubt there’s an audience out there that isn’t so conservative that she would wear a loose sweater with a giant hole in the back without a bra. but that’s not me. but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to partake! i just have to be more choosey. this dress from nasty gal though, struck me as a great balance. a little bit of cut out, add some sheer and a fishtail/hi-lo hem (which i am so in love with! i feel like it lets me wear a maxi without getting lost in all the fabric)…et voila! the extra detail of the tiny points on the top of the bandeau lining makes it so much more perfect for some reason. i really can’t pinpoint it, but i do love it!