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  1. need paper to make paper

    August 5, 2012 by thelillinator

    i’ve been going on job interviews lately and i used to carry around this big ol’ foldery-bindery thing. it was bound on one side and zipped around the other three sides. it had a slot for a notepad and another one where you could store papers. it was great except it didn’t fit in any bag i had. so this instead, is a great option- campo marzio’s japanese document holder. there’s no notepad, but that’s not to say you couldn’t necessarily fit one in or just stash a few loose sheets for notes. but it’s great that it’s so thin and perfect to hold copies of my resume so they don’t get all wrinkled up whilst floating about in the car.

  2. knuckle duster v2

    July 3, 2012 by thelillinator

    i still dream of alexander mcqueen’s knuckle duster clutches, but at $1,000+ and a more hermit personality than not, that dream is way off on the horizon. however, last night i saw a knuckle duster phone case! the owner of the case said it was by rebecca something but couldn’t remember. i asked if it was rebecca minkoff, but it didn’t really seem up her alley style-wise and the owner said no. however, now that it’s july, i’m trying to find out when the nordstrom anniversary catalogs are coming out so i went to the site. fate, via the nordstrom homepage, directed me to the tech accessories section and omg, yes it’s rebecca minkoff! surprising, but more than anything, exciting that i too, can have this wonderful little piece! to be honest though, i’ll wait and see if any color versions come out. who else thinks gold or a lacquered red is in order?

  3. i’m a slave for you

    April 6, 2012 by thelillinator

    recently refinery29 did an article on how offensive the term “slave bracelet” is. i had never heard the term before and i figured it was the new blood diamond or something to that effect. apparently it’s what you call one of those bracelet attached to a ring thingies. i’ve always loved the look of them but i never thought they were practical enough for me to wear. *pfft* how silly is that? anyways,  they pictured one of the most awesome slave bracelets i’ve ever seen! the three rings and larger cuff make it more of a…demi-glove (better term? meh.) which is an unusual spin on an already unique accessory. i still can’t imagine myself actually rocking this but it’s a reasonable enough price that maybe one day when i’m feeling particularly badass i’ll buy it (…and then have to wait for the next time i feel even more badass to actually wear it! :P)

  4. bike accessories!

    September 25, 2011 by thelillinator

    so this summer i got a bike, a public bike to be exact. they’re cute and european inspired. mine’s baby blue and has the step thru frame so i don’t flash folks getting on and off of it if i’m wearing a skirt (instead i just battle the wind to keep my skirt down as i ride). of course what happens as soon as i get my bike? i start getting accessories! my helmet is pink (there was a shiny sparkly one too but it had an 8 ball logo on it and i liked the plain matte pink better) and i have a rack on the back to carry stuff. what stuff, you ask? by stuff i mean my dogs…well, just ruffus. pj is too high strung to hang out in it. ruffus didn’t really like hanging out in the basket on the back of my bike but he didn’t immediately try to abandon bike. also, the basket isn’t terribly secure at the moment, so if i do take him on my bike, i just push it around. kind of defeats the purpose of the bike. well, i was pleasantly surprised by an email from public today that touted the new bike accessories that they are offering. lo and behold, they have a dedicated doggie bike basket! i’m in LOVE! i will be heading over to their store soon to make sure at least one of my dogs can fit in it. seriously, how cute is this?!

    in other useful bike mount accessories, here’s a great way to keep your phone handy! i have alternated between keeping my phone in a pocket and sticking it in my bike basket. this is a HUGE improvement. congrats, public, you just got 200 of my dollars. is it too much to have a rear bike basket, a handlebar dog basket, AND an iphone mount all at the same time? will there even be room for me left on it once i’m done tricking it out?


  5. tech savvy

    September 12, 2011 by thelillinator

    i can’t decide if this is awesome or not. on the one hand, isn’t a clutch that is just large enough to hold your phone, lip goo, id and means of payment more than good enough? i mean, at least then you can easily manipulate your phone when you need to quickly update your fb status. on the other hand, it’s just so hard to not find this hot pink, chain strap evening appealing with its made-just-for-my-iphone slot and lipstick pocket. i’m totally one of those everything has its place people. it’s one of the most agonizing parts of the moving process for me (probably only second to packing!), the placement of everything in their new places. well…seeing as the bag won’t even be available until mid-october, i think that a gentle reminder that my birthday is in november isn’t uncalled for.


  6. fucksox!

    November 20, 2010 by thelillinator

    if you’ve read christopher moore you know what i’m talking about. if you haven’t, go! he’s an author with a zany sense of humor and a predilection for fantasy/sci fi. highly recommend him (my favorite is lamb: the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal, ’nuff said). in his second most recent book, fool: a novel, he’s got a shakespearean court jester character whose favorite epithet is “fuckstockings!” that pretty much became my favorite epithet for awhile too. better yet, his most recent book, bite me: a love story (a follow up to you suck, bloodsucking fiends, and loosely related to a dirty job: a novel) brings the phrase into modern day with “fucksocks!” and what does the clever author go and do? he goes and find him someone to make him some so he can sell them in his store. i can’t wait! so wish he had more details than just “coming soon”!

  7. ingenious

    December 12, 2009 by thelillinator

    this past week gilt has offered two different versions of what will be, if it isn’t already, the essential glove for the 21st century. in the day of touch screen phones and high temperatures hovering just above freezing, staying in touch and avoiding frost bite are no longer mutually exclusive! some clever designers have come up with gloves that either have slits in the pointer fingertip and thumbtip (carolina amato‘s holed it glove) or, à la the cutoff finger glove/mitten, gloves with “hooded” pointer finger and thumb tips (girl 32‘s smart glove) so you can keep them warm or take them out to be dexterous as needed. i LOVE this! what i do not love is the fact that i’ve been so busy with the damn day job lately that i’ve missed out on the chance to capitalize on either of these sales. by the time i log on all the good colors are gone. boo hiss. i am strongly considering buying them full price but smart design does not come cheap. :(

    carolina amato holed it glove

    carolina amato holed it

    girl 32 smart glove

    girl 32 smart glove

    so let’s say i do capitulate and pay full retail (gasp!)…which do you think? cold weather favorite carolina amato in classic grey or black or forward thinking girl 32 in cable knit snow or black (on gilt, they had a black and white stripe that i prefer but i do not see it on their site…nor a way to actually buy their goods)? i do have to say that girl 32 has a certain appeal- their design acumen is not limited to gloves. they also have scarves with pockets(!) to hold your credit card/id/phone and a patented ponytail knit hat. it’s like the ponytail through a baseball hat meets beanie with a lil bling thrown in (swarovski crystal buttons go up and down the back of the beanie so you can open up a lil hole at whatever height your ponytail happens to be at). good in theory; not sold on it in reality but i definitely like where they’re going with all of their functional fashion accessories.

  8. birthday loot

    November 28, 2009 by thelillinator

    my birthday was on wednesday. i was informed that i’ve now outlived kurt cobain. i guess since i didn’t shoot myself before i turned 28, i earned a few things. some of the highlights include:


    the marc by marc jacobs petal to the metal sasha bag courtesy of The Boyfriend (love it. using it now. it is awesome.)

    accoutrements pirate bandages

    skull and crossbone bandages from a coworker friend because apparently i haven’t fooled anyone into thinking i don’t have at thing for them. then again, when i first opened these up and finished squealing, i immediately said that i wanted to hurt myself so i could use the bandage. it never occurred to me that i could just put the bandage on without an injury. hm, i wonder what that says about me?

    edward cullen action figure

    an edward cullen action figure (which The Boyfriend has decreed cannot enter the house. edward will come keep me company at work instead) courtesy of my manager (who i learned is a mere 3 months older than me. i find this somewhat shocking). she is newly exposed to the twilight phenomenon. beyond my incessant rambling about the books, the movies, and robert pattinson, i got her to watch twilight on dvd in preparation for new moon in the theater. maybe she’s just humoring me, but i’ll take it. the more the merrier on the dark side, i say.

  9. omg, me wants

    November 25, 2009 by thelillinator


  10. the ninja umbrella

    November 15, 2009 by thelillinator

    i think that lil three word title pretty much sums up how awesome this umbrella is.

    okay fine. to elaborate, the handle is shaped like a katana’s and is conveniently stored in a crossbody carrying case (aka ninja sword sheath). living in seattle with the rain and the many asians, this seems to be so appropriate that i actually can’t believe i haven’t seen anyone with this around town yet.

    ninja umbrella