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  1. allsaints is open in seattle!

    November 11, 2010 by thelillinator

    a year and a half after visiting my first allsaints store in covent garden it has come to my own backyard in seattle! yay! it’s a beautiful store (as if any of them aren’t) on the corner of 5th and pine. the first floor is primarily women’s, including shoes and other accessories scattered about, some tiny allsaints for the young ‘uns, and nearly all the men’s gear is downstairs. let’s focus on what’s important- the women’s stuff. specifically, what i’m coveting. there was the raziel jumper in the store, but even better, online (as supplied by the various ipads in the building) there’s a raziel CARDIGAN. now what’s so cool about the raziel? well, in case you can’t tell, the seams are held together by CHAIN!

    buyer beware- allsaints’ sizing is on the uk scale so you’ll have to go up about 2 sizes from what you normally wear to fit into something (i.e. normally a US 4, you’d be a UK 8…and don’t even get me started on shoes sizing; i think that one might be +3). buyer beware 2- the allsaints site seems to be better priced than their stores. for instance, i heard the raziel cardigan is going for $250+ at the allsaints boutique in the san francisco bloomingdales. it’s only like $150 online. And the boots below? $370 in store, $320 online. and standard shipping’s free. too bad i will now be charged tax since the physical store opened in washington.

    no matter in store or online, i think over $300 for these booties is a bit much. i looked on endless and i think i found some satisfactory replacements. what do you think?

  2. which boot?

    October 10, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’ve decided i want a grey/taupe/greige tall wedge boot this fall. right now i’ve narrowed the options down to the versatile matiko brit or the just plain pretty ash ursula. thoughts?


  3. i think i found my wedding shoes!

    August 30, 2010 by thelillinator

  4. mine

    August 23, 2010 by thelillinator

  5. pretty shoes

    May 5, 2010 by thelillinator

  6. caged in

    April 9, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’ve wanted a new pair of cage heels for practically a year and have just found something that isn’t dominatrix black that appeals to me. yay!

  7. adidas by stella mccartney

    April 2, 2010 by thelillinator

    i don’t usually like adidas by stella mccartney that much but maybe because i’m working out more now and spending more time in workout clothes that i want something more stylish than the loosest sweats i can find. since it’s still a bit nippy out, i’ve been grabbing my j.crew long sherpa hoodie on my way out the door but what will i grab when the weather gets warmer but i don’t necessarily want to step out in just a tank and shorts? well, stella’s got a good option! i kind of hate hearing people say this, but this really is so chic! love the fancy kimono sleeves on this hoodie. i wish it came in more colors, but i’m not going to turn down a classic heather grey either.

    while admiring this top, i found some other pieces i want. for instance, how great would these be for a summer alternative to a flip flop? my first thought was to wear them primarily while traversing between home and whichever barefoot workout studio i am heading to (i just realized i really only work out in barefeet…eeeenteresting…) because they remind me of slippers and i basically wear uggs to and fro right now because they, too, are like slippers…just bigger. but these are really cute, aren’t they? like really cute. oh, want want want.

    also discovered during my hunt, but far less likely to actually get are the cover up yoga gilet and tennis skirt. i think the gilet may be too cool for me, but i really like how it’s styled on the model and if the tennis skirt came in other colors than white or silver, i may just have to be all over it.

  8. with a twist

    March 27, 2010 by thelillinator

    classic tory burch flats on an espadrille sole for spring? yes please!

  9. chuck me

    March 18, 2010 by thelillinator

    i was at the southcenter nordstrom over the weekend, whiling away some time waiting for The Boyfriend’s flight to arrive at sea-tac, when i spied some new iterations on the classic converse chuck taylor. some were glittery, others had graphics on them, but the two i liked the most? a knee high(!) version (they zip up the back) that mostly just amused me but i would totally love to try to make work and a more realistic pair of slip-ons with painted on laces.

  10. going nude

    March 14, 2010 by thelillinator

    i’m super excited about this spring’s nude shoe trend. i already have a couple of pairs that i’ve been wearing on and off for a few years (i think i’m going to spin them as “vintage”) but i’m really digging a couple of pairs i saw in the march 2010 neiman marcus book.

    maybe i’ve been spending too much time at pole, but i love the platforms on these! they’re in such direct opposition of the innocent ballerina that the nude tulle wrapped around the ankle invokes. granted, $1,200 is about $1,150 more than i would spend on a pair of shoes for pole, but if i could afford it, i totally would.

    these stuart weitzmans are a bit more within reach at $345, if only i could find somewhere to buy them! i just searched nearly a dozen different sites for a link, even stuart weitzman’s own and nothing! i hate that. regardless, these are still pretty with a hint of bondage/hardcore courtesy of the delicate chains (not to be confused with hardcore bondage. definitely don’t think these qualify) so let’s still all ooh and ahh over them and just hope it doesn’t take too long for someone to make these available.