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  1. come on back off

    July 26, 2012 by thelillinator

    black milk had a big release last night- the nylon wars ep. 1 (ep. 2 to come in a couple weeks) and it was cool cuz that’s mostly what black milk is, but i wasn’t in love with anything (i fear i might have missed “my” launch. there is a lot of cool stuff that they did in the past but no longer stock that you can see here) except for a pair of shoes that they styled with some of the items. if you peruse the site enough, you’ll see that i’m not the only one who has noticed the awesome shoes their stylists choose. there’s actually a section that shouts out as their shoe provider, with the brand of choice being jeffrey campbell (of course). black milk actually has a pop up shop, complete with the black milk x jeffrey campbell collabo, that just launched last week at the solestruck store in portland, or. i was muy sad that i couldn’t make it. i’d love to try on a pair of leggings to figure out what size i am.

    anyways, back to these wonderful shoes. in typical jeffrey campbell fashion, there is a platform and there is a covered wedge. the back off, though, calls out its platform by using a silver material to highlight it. love it! i don’t love the photography from the solestruck detail page so i’m using a pic from black milk that features these awesome shoes (and one of the leggings that i actually do like from this launch). it comes in some bolder color ways, but they’re all too loud for me. i like the simplicity of the black and silvers because the silver detail that i love so much doesn’t get drowned out by a big bold color.

  2. torn

    July 10, 2012 by thelillinator

    i tried on the jeffrey campbell teramos at the lf on robertson a couple weeks ago. i’m not entirely sure why. at first glance i thought it was hideous. but it was merchandised all over the store and every time i saw it i became a little bit more intrigued. i think i randomly tried them on with a dress that i fell a little bit in love with that was neon and flowy– basically the two things should NOT have gone together at all. whatsoever. nada. and yet…I TOTALLY LOVED THEM TOGETHER. (nevermind that just those two pieces would have cost about $500 put together.)

    flash forward to present day- because me and jeff (and the whole world) are totally on the same page on the whole spike thing, i saw that there are now teramo SPIKES!!! i swoon (i think)! i do love the spike thing but there are like 4 other styles of jeffrey campbells with spikes that i want and i don’t think i need upwards towards half a dozen pairs of spiked shoes (shocking, i know. too many shoes? never! but at $200+ a pop…) so if i had to pick…i think i’d go with the originals…what do you think?

  3. fetish?

    July 9, 2012 by thelillinator

    i went shopping a couple weeks ago with a new friend from france and i didn’t realize it, but apparently i felt every piece of leather clothing we came across. she asked me if i liked leather and i responded that i did. that’s when she pointed out my touchy feely habit. how weird that i never noticed! i love the idea of wearing leather clothing (not all at once though) but i always hesitate from pulling the trigger on a purchase because not only are they a serious wallet investment, but i feel like they make a serious statement about your personality. that’s right, personality, not just style…which granted, are intertwined but i don’t necessarily think my love of lace says much about my personality. but leather- leather is just so primal! it says, “i’m raw, i’m badass, i’m hardcore, so deal with me or leave me alone, bitches.” and i want to be that person. maybe i’ll grow into that person, but up until now leather clothing just hasn’t quite suited me. even this awesome vegan “leather” shirt gives me pause! i think the model looks relaxed and just a lil badass (i should be able to pull that much off, right?!) but the thought of actually incorporating it into my wardrobe scares me! oy!

    le sigh. you know, i didn’t even own a proper leather jacket until a year or two ago! i guess until i can manage to grow a pair, leather shoes will have to suffice. these jeffrey campbells are no slouch in making up for my wussiness! i generally like to save any clear plastic bits on shoes for pole, but i really like the idea of this floating gladiator look. and i’m not sure exactly what it is about the cutout in the wedge, but there’s something different about it than most other cutouts that i like. i usually don’t appreciate that bit of open sole but it works on this shoe.

  4. hello sunshine!

    May 1, 2012 by thelillinator

    it’s starting to get warm again! yay! one thing sf does have going for it is that it’s generally at least an easy 10 degrees warmer than seattle is on any given day. so i can say that i started thinking about sandals again and i don’t have to wait until june to actually wear them! a couple years ago i splurged on a pair of loeffler randall strappy, sliver wedge sandals. i’ve probably spent a similar amount of money before on a pair of shoes, but those were boots and consisted of far more material! but somehow i justified the purchase. they still make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside when i think about them. (seriously, i’m smiling right now. weird, right? over a pair of shoes!) i just saw that madewell is selling a very similar looking sandal right now and it comes in red! in fact, i think the wedge is a bit taller and there is at least one more strap (at the ankle), so it makes me kind of *extra* happy! luckily these ones don’t cost the same as my loeffler randalls so i can indulge in these too!

  5. damsel not in distress

    April 10, 2012 by thelillinator

    2011 was the year of the sam edelman spiked shoes and the jeffrey campbell lita. 2012 shows us what happened when they were out drinking at the same club and procreated…and i’m really excited about it! jeffrey campbell’s damsel is like the lita but with a covered wedge instead of that big block of a heel. it comes in many fabrications but i’m all in a tizzy over the spiked damsel. i have the exie by sam edelman, which is basically a flat single strap thong version of the famed lorissa, complete with spike adorned heel. the lorissa strikes a good compromise; a sweet silhouette with hardcore spike detailing on the heel. the spiked damsel is like the big bad black sheep of the family. it’s on a hefty 2 inch platform and the back, all the way from the heel to that covered wedge sole is encrusted in spikes. i’m especially fond of this khaki color as it’s a shade softer than the goth black spike version. if this shoe’s not rock star level, i don’t know what is.

  6. i have a confession

    March 16, 2012 by thelillinator

    i have a pair of crocs. actually, i have two! >_< i know! *gasp* one pair i only ever wear to let my dogs out and one pair aren’t half bad. they’re the santa cruz, which have a canvas upper. anyways, this isn’t about crocs. this is about toms, which i pretty much put into the same bucket as crocs. i’m told they’re like the most comfortable things ever but let’s be real here, i’m not generally that concerned about comfort. however, they released a new ballerina flat style in the last month or so and i’m loving them! *another gasp* they come in canvas, linen, suede, but by far my favorite fabrication is the grosgrain ribbon that seems to be exclusive to neiman marcus. what i really want, though, is for them to come in a metallic or sequined fabrication! i’m balking a lil bit at the idea of spending over $100 on a pair of toms…if only they were shinier they could blind me from the price tag!

  7. sweet coraline

    October 10, 2011 by thelillinator

    i’ve been a fan of the messeca coraline for months and i’m glad i waited to actually pick up a pair. for fall they’re doing several different fabrications, including a bright, a leopard print, and some fun plays on texture (yes, i think that covers most of the fall trends). i am torn though between the black suede and snake print version and the blue velvet (too bad it’s not suede?) with a super shiny metallic heel. decisions decisions…

  8. horseshoes

    September 20, 2011 by thelillinator

    here’s my man repeller moment. i can admit these are clodhoppers and i imagine i would look like a horse running around in these shoes but i still love them.

  9. i can’t think of a clever post title but it has something to do with vintage

    September 17, 2011 by thelillinator

    and karen elson and nine west. sorry about that. anyways…i wasn’t a huge fan of the nine west vintage america collection when it first launched because it was too western. i love me some frye boots but all of mine are far from being mistaken as any cowboy boots and in that first (couple of) seasons, that was the market nine west vintage america was trying to tap. now they’ve gone and collabo’ed with karen elson and i couldn’t be more thrilled. it’s still vintage but with a lil bit more of a carni feel (um, to explain the appeal to me, i’ve been taking a lot of circus classes this past summer). it’s how i imagine a lot of that water and elephant movie with robert pattinson and reese witherspoon looked (because i still haven’t seen it yet).

    i’m especially fond of this inthedirt boot. it’s tougher than the granny boots offered up but still girly with the glitter (i mean really, there’s glitter on it! did you have any doubt i would love it?) i would love to rock these this fall but until i start doing more things that require real clothes (as opposed to the workout clothes i’ve been practically living in), i suppose these will have to wait. again, i’d like to point out that my birthday is a mere 2 months away…

  10. yee haw

    March 10, 2011 by thelillinator

    these are ridiculous. they look like tiny cowboy hats stuck onto a wedge sandal. i want to see someone wear this and pull it off. or with an actual cowboy hat on their head.