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  1. bike accessories!

    September 25, 2011 by thelillinator

    so this summer i got a bike, a public bike to be exact. they’re cute and european inspired. mine’s baby blue and has the step thru frame so i don’t flash folks getting on and off of it if i’m wearing a skirt (instead i just battle the wind to keep my skirt down as i ride). of course what happens as soon as i get my bike? i start getting accessories! my helmet is pink (there was a shiny sparkly one too but it had an 8 ball logo on it and i liked the plain matte pink better) and i have a rack on the back to carry stuff. what stuff, you ask? by stuff i mean my dogs…well, just ruffus. pj is too high strung to hang out in it. ruffus didn’t really like hanging out in the basket on the back of my bike but he didn’t immediately try to abandon bike. also, the basket isn’t terribly secure at the moment, so if i do take him on my bike, i just push it around. kind of defeats the purpose of the bike. well, i was pleasantly surprised by an email from public today that touted the new bike accessories that they are offering. lo and behold, they have a dedicated doggie bike basket! i’m in LOVE! i will be heading over to their store soon to make sure at least one of my dogs can fit in it. seriously, how cute is this?!

    in other useful bike mount accessories, here’s a great way to keep your phone handy! i have alternated between keeping my phone in a pocket and sticking it in my bike basket. this is a HUGE improvement. congrats, public, you just got 200 of my dollars. is it too much to have a rear bike basket, a handlebar dog basket, AND an iphone mount all at the same time? will there even be room for me left on it once i’m done tricking it out?


  2. whoa. just whoa.

    July 19, 2010 by thelillinator

  3. awesome! (i’m a lush)

    December 4, 2009 by thelillinator

    one time i went to a mariner’s game. i knew i wasn’t going to have that much fun watching the game so i thought that i should have some liquid enjoyment to keep my occupied. not wanting to spend exhorbitant amounts of money on mike’s, wine, or beer (gag) to achieve a blissful state, i managed to sneak in a couple airplane sized bottles of rum to mix into the coke i bought at the stadium. but i only managed to have a good time because of those lil bottles. i have a flask in my car (bad i know, i know) but i never actually bring it out because what if security somewhere makes me toss it out and waste all that precious alcohol? well restoration hardware, of all places, has managed to make this a non-issue with their disposable flask. get caught sneaking a lil sippy sippy in and have to leave it behind? oh well, even though it sucks to be deprived of the ambrosia that leads to drunkenness, at least you’ll only be out $5+alcohol.

    disposable flask

  4. this makes me feel bad for people in thailand

    November 11, 2009 by thelillinator

    so…there’s this shit. literally. and then people in thailand make it into paper…by hand! bet you thought you had a crappy job (pun intended)! i’m not really sure what this company was thinking for even making a process that supposedly makes clean and odorless paper out of poop, but i sincerely hope that they have other products to fall back on beyond turd notebooks, poop stationary, and crap paper ornaments. if poo paper somehow takes off…well then, i just don’t know what this world’s come to. i’m all for going green but this is just ridiculous!

    poo poo paper

  5. thermal + sequins = love

    November 3, 2009 by thelillinator

    i love it when disparate things come together and make total sense. today’s opposites attract comes by way of free people’s sequin placket henley. i especially like the little bits of lace that sweeten the shirt and helps make the rugged thermal texture meet out-and-out glam of the sequins at a nice middle point.

    free people sequin placket henley

  6. thanks seattle picks!

    October 29, 2009 by thelillinator

    last night i went to an event at mario’s called girlfriend night, put on by seattle picks, a cool lil email magazine that publishes once a week with goings-on (i could do without the preamble at the beginning that has nothing to do with the content), usually shopping related. :) anyways, there was sofia sparkling white wine, cupcake royale mini cupcakes, an area where bocz salon was setup doing hairstyling and i think something they called biotoning? it was electrically stimulating facial muscles. i’m not sure what the end result was suppoed to be…must be to look younger if it’s on the face. anyways, i passed on the bocz stuff, and the sparkling wine oddly enough. you’d think any free alcohol is good alcohol with me. don’t get me wrong, i’m sure it’s a fine wine, but i like my drinks sweet and i’ve bought a 5 or 6 pack of cans (it’s their gimmick, pink cans for the sparkling wine named after sofia coppola…yes, her family does actually own the vineyard) before and had a hard time finishing it because it was so dry. drinking sparkling water out of a champagne flute just is not the same experience.

    i’d say the highlight of the evening though was when one of my friends won a bottle of sofia, courtesy of 6th avenue wine seller, and then i won a pair of hudson jeans, courtesy of mario’s! yay, go us! i ended up just getting a basic bootcut (fade was too dramatic on the skinny jeans and the dark grey bootcuts didn’t come in my size) in a dark blue, which i think i already have something similar to, but free jeans=good jeans! even though we got there too late to secure a swag bag, i’d say the night was definitely a success.


  7. is there such thing as too many navy coats?

    October 19, 2009 by thelillinator

    i have a long, knee length j.crew toggle button navy coat. i have a short, hip length abercrombie navy coat with detachable hood. i just saw a thigh length navy coat with cute lil buckles at anthropologie today that i want. is 3 navy coats too much?

    anthropologie spartan coat

  8. jimmy choo for h&m locations

    October 15, 2009 by thelillinator

    still annoyed that none of the seattle stores are getting the jimmy choo collection. it was either california or vancouver, bc and since i can actually pretty easily drive to vancouver…here’s to hoping everything’s not gone by the time i get there.

  9. to buy or not to buy?

    October 13, 2009 by thelillinator

    on gilt. only 24 hours to decide…

    azaara twisted hoop earrings

    azaara blue and gold ring

  10. check this

    October 9, 2009 by thelillinator

    this is a pretty perfect alarm clock. i was thinking this morning how much it sucked that i had to sit up and crane my neck around The Boyfriend in order to see what time it was this morning. this clock will save that extra hard effort first thing in the morning to lift my head and cock it in order to actually tell what time it is. genius!